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One Raise Or Another
Featuring Star Nine

Star has been waiting in your office to discuss her promotion. She's been working here a very long time and she's been doing everything in her power to get in your good graces. She discovered shortly after beginning the job that merit is going to get her nowhere in this company. So she looked to the one woman who has been promoted, and noticed how she always wears pantyhose and high heels, never pants. Star has been emulating her style all year, thinking that would get her somewhere & she's noticed you staring at her legs all the time, and you do assign more projects to her, but she doesn't seem to be getting anywhere. So she's got a one time offer for you today, she's willing to fuck you for her promotion, she won't tell. Go ahead, just unzip your pants.

Oh, I'm so sorry, I've obviously made a huge mistake - Star gather's her clothes to leave. You're not even hard. What? You are hard? But it's the size of my pinkie! You won't even be able to get that in, what are you going to do, rub it between the waistband of my pantyhose? Well, if you want to go through with this, you're going to have to make it bigger. This is just fantastic. I know I said I wasn't going to tell anyone, but I'm obviously not going to fuck you now because that little nub is obviously not fully functional. Oh, it functions just fine you say? Well, prove it. I won't tell anyone as long as I get my raise, get it? Raise. This is why you don't promote women! You hate us because your little penis is so pathetic and you never get any. Well, you're going to promote me today unless you want everyone to know your secret, nubbins.

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Pantyhose Fetish, Small Penis Humiliation, Secretary, Pantyhose Domination Office Domination Jerk Off Instruction

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10 minutes



Paris Needs To Relax
Featuring Paris Kennedy & Star Nine

Star creeps up on Paris while she is reading on the couch. She smiles as she produces a small bottle and white rag from her purse. Star greets Paris as she clamps the wet rag over her mouth, reassuring her that it's "just me" as Paris struggles and her eyes flutter shut. Star checks her eyes and plays with her limp body before beginning to strip her.

Paris wakes up, confused. Star tells her that she fell asleep. Paris asks why her pants are off. Star took them off , she's at home, she doesn't need to wear clothes! Paris' head is pounding, Star has just the thing to help. Star assures Paris that the chloroform will make her head stop hurting as Paris weakly tries to push the rag away from her face.

Star finishes stripping Paris, stroking her limp body & playing with her arms. Paris gently comes too, still sleepy. Star asks if she feels relaxed, Paris is relaxed, and very sleepy. Star says that she's been worried about how Paris is so stressed out all the time, it's important to just let your mind go completely blank every now and then.

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2X KOs, Limp Play, EyeChecks, Lesbian Domination Sleep Fetish Assisted Stripping

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10 minutes



Paris' Revenge
Featuring Paris Kennedy & Star Nine

Paris confronts Star, she found the vial of chloroform Star was using to help her relax the other day - that's why her head hurt! Not cool. Paris soaks the rag and presses it up against Star's face as revenge, but Star doesn't fight it. With Star out, Paris muses, imagining what Star might have done to her while she was out. She start's too see why Star might like chloroform, she can do anything she wants to her while she is out. Paris plays with her limp girlfriend for awhile until she comes to.

Star guesses that Paris found the chloroform. Paris has to admit that sleepy play is pretty fun, like having her own little doll she can do anything with. She puts Star back under again, telling her that she's not done with her yet, and she'll take her to the bedroom next time she wakes up.

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2X KOs, Limp Play, Consentual Chloroform, Lesbian Domination Sleep Fetish Girlfriends

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9 minutes



Conference Break
Featuring Lizz Andrews & Star Nine

Star is super stressed out about her power point presentation. Lizz is trying to get her to relax, but Star jumps up, needing to double check her desk. Lizz says she knows a way to calm Star down, but she needs her to take her clothes off first. Lizz uses the hitatchi on Star, teasing her with the low setting while Star strokes her hosed legs. Then she tortures Star with the high setting on her sensitive clit before finally allowing her to cum.

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Pantyhose Fetish, Pantyhose Sex, Forced Orgasms, Vibrators Office Domination Girl Girl

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8 minutes



The Secret Is a Splash of chartreuse
Featuring Star Nine

Star sits down and hands you a drink. She's brought you home with her after a long day of meetings, you have a weakness for beautiful women in pantyhose and you couldn't refuse her advances.

What am I being too forward? Well, I think that if you just finish that drink I made you, you'll be nice and relaxed.

Star teases you with her long legs in suntan pantyhose, she talks about her love of power and power play. She was hoping that you could play a little game and she produces a pair of handcuffs.

Having talked you into the handcuffs, she makes sure that you've finished your drink before gagging you with duct tape.

Now that she has you completely under her control. Star explains the real game.

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Pantyhose Fetish, Pantyhose Domination, Handcuff Fetish, Femdom POV Legs Suntan Pantyhose

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14 minutes



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