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Danielle's Dream Pie
Featuring Danielle Trixie

Danielle Trixie has been craving pie all week, she had to pick up the ingredients, and find the energy to make it after work. It's finally done - and she drops it. Danielle is very upset at first, but she sticks a finger in - it still tastes good, and it's nice and warm. She dips a tentative toe in the mess and licks the pie off her feet. She picks some pie up and massages it into her breasts. Really enjoying the feel of the sticky mess on her body, her breathing gets heavier. She begins to suck her messy toes, rubbing and mashing the pie all over her feet. She runs her tongue over her toes, her hand over her messy breasts, sucking the pie off her feet until she cums.

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Food Masturbation, BareFoot, Foot Fetish, Wet & Messy Dirty Feet Messy Feet

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11 minutes



Star & Jay Fuck Through Two Layers of Nylon
Featuring Jay Taylor & Star Nine

Star has noticed how her employee, Jay, can't keep her eyes off of Star's long suntan nylon legs. Star likes Jay watching her & she's been wearing extra short skirts to encourage her gaze.

Today she has a surprise for Jay, a special pair of nylons with a third leg. She tells Jay how she's noticed her gaze and how she's going to indulge her pantyhose fetish to the fullest extent. Star raises her skirt to give Jay a peek at the extra nylon stuffed in her pantyhose.

Jay puts on the special pantyhose over her hard strap-on cock, then Star encases both of them head to toe in suntan pantyhose. Star sucks Jay's nylon coated cock before mounting in her 69 position, swallowing Jay's strap-on while Jay licks and fingers Star's nylon stuffed pussy.

Star wants to feel Jay's cock inside her, through two layers of nylon. She has Jay fuck her in doggy, talking dirty, until Star cums all over Jay's nylon cock. She finishes Jay off with her hand, on her knees in front of her, demanding that she cum in her pantyhose.

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Nylon Encasement, Pantyhose Encasement, Girl-Girl, Orgasms Strap-On Lesbian

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14 minutes



Interviewed By Star
Featuring Star Nine

Star interviews you for a position with her company. You have quite the impressive resume, she did notice one thing though. All of the references on your resume are male, have you never had a female boss before?

Star explains that she has had issues with male employees acting inappropriately in the past, she wants to make sure that you'll be able to fit into a female dominated workplace without trying to place yourself above your peers or bring distracted by the formal business wear. The skirts, pantyhose, power pumps . . .

Power pumps - high heels that she periodically dangles off her long narrow feet as she conducts the interview.

You do your best to reassure Star that won't be an issue with you as your eyes run up and down her long legs in coffee pantyhose.

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Office Domination, Female Supremacy, Pantyhose Domination, Dangling Legs Coffee Pantyhose

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7 minutes



Ballerina Smash
Featuring Kitty TwinkleToes

Ballerina Kitty Twinkletoes uses her athletic dancer feet to smash a dozen red velvet cupcakes. She shows off her coated soles, arches, and toes in between crushing the cupcakes one at a time.

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Food & Object Crush, BareFoot, Foot Fetish, Wet & Messy Dirty Feet Messy Feet

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7 minutes



The Massage
Featuring Alexis Blaze & Star Nine

Alexis is thrown off when her massage client, Star, elects to leave her pantyhose on. Star explains that she finds it more relaxing to keep them on. Alexis runs her hands over Star's nylon legs, exploring the texture. Her hands quickly make their way up Star's legs, naturally drawn upwards. She focuses on Star's upper thighs, where the legs meet the ass. Carried away, her hands get closer and closer to Star's labia.

Star's face shows her reaction. Her eyes remain closed as her mouth widens and her breathing intensifies.

Alexis comes out of it, coughs, and quickly moves up to Star's bare shoulders. Her hands soon make their way back down to Star's nylon thighs & ass though. She's transfixed by the pantyhose and can't help herself from eroticising the massage.

Star cums, gasping. They both apologize, it wasn't supposed to be that type of massage . . .

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Pantyhose/Stockings, Pantyhose Fetish, Massage, Orgasms Legs Sheer Pantyhose

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8 minutes



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