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Pantyhose Desperation
Featuring Star Nine

Star is locked in the supply closet at work, she's been pounding on the door, but no one can hear her. It's hot in there. She fans herself, tosses her hair, unbuttons her shirt. She's sure that someone will be by soon, that new receptionist just burns through paper.

Star realizes that she has to pee. That's not good. She shifts around, pounds on the door some more. No one comes. She takes off her belt, hoping that will relieve the pressure. It does a bit, she pulls the band of her skirt & her pantyhose away from her body, that helps for a moment, but then the urge to pee gets even stronger. Eventually her bladder releases & warm urine runs down the sides of her legs, trapped by her black pantyhose, pooling in her shoes & at her feet. Star panics, what is she going to do about the mess?

She tries to sop up the puddle with her pee soaked pantyhose. Bare legged, she does her best to pull herself together & continues to wait.

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Desperation, Female Desperation, Pee, Calf Muscle Fetish Secretary Black Pantyhose

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10 minutes



Performance Review
Featuring Jay Taylor & Star Nine

It's time for Jay Taylor's performance review. Star had high hopes for Jay when she hired her, but feels that she is now floundering. Perhaps Jay is more suited to working in a male dominated environment? She just doesn't seem to be taking the initiative. Star asks Jay how she would please a male boss, what she's done to get ahead in previous situations. Jay can't believe where this is going - her boss is really hitting on her! Once she grasps Star's needs she does her best to accommodate.

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Pantyhose Domination, Office Domination, Girl-Girl, Strap-On Masturbation Dildo Sucking

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The pantyhose worn in this video are available for sale, email to inquire.

12 minutes



Layers To Worship
Featuring Star Nine

You're in for a treat today, foot boy. I've prepared a special session for you. I have layers and layers for you to worship. First I want you to lick my soles. Don't worry, I didn't walk over here, I rode my skateboard, I wanted to get my socks nice and sweaty for you. Take a whiff of the inside of my shoes before you remove them. Now enjoy my nice sweaty white athletic socks, get your nose right between the damp toes. I'm going to rub my foot scent all over your stubbly little face. Suck all of the sweat out of my socks. Now, for the final part, strip my socks off and worship my feet with just a thin layer of sheer, tan, pantyhose between my skin and your tongue.

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Foot Slave Training, Socks, Foot Worship, Sweaty Feet Foot Smelling Pantyhose Fetish

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8 minutes



Tomiko's Escape
Featuring Tomiko & Star Nine

Tomiko is in prison for her involvement in a human trafficking ring. She has been transported off site to visit Dr. Star, an expert criminal psychologist. Dr. Star is fascinated by her new patient. She questions Tomiko, trying to piece together how a woman could become capable of such a cold profession without the influence of a male partner. Tomiko is full of bravado, aggressive, fidgeting with the cuffs behind her back.

Star offers to remove the cuffs if Tomiko takes a light oral sedative. Tomiko agrees. She tongues the pill and begins to act loopy. She spits the pill out while Star is staring at her notes. Star continues her questioning as Tomiko starts to inch to the end of the couch. Star suspects something is up and reaches for a syringe of Lorazepam. Tomiko makes her move and Star quickly jumps up and jabs her with the needle. Her files scatter. Star helps her back to the couch as her eyes roll and consciousness fades.

Star indulges in some limp play, fascinated by her patient's physique. She calls the prison transport, explaining that her session ended early, the prisoner is sedated. Star recuffs Tomiko's hands & leaves the room.

Tomiko comes to before Star returns & investigates the cabinet Star removed the sedatives from. She finds the handcuff key and quickly removes the cuffs that Star was stupid enough to place in front. She pockets the pills and another syringe of Lorezepam and then decides to lie in wait.

Star returns. Focused on picking up her scattered notes, she doesn't notice that Tomiko is no longer on the couch. She sits to go over her papers & Tomiko pounces, knocking her out with an injection. Tomiko begins to play with her limp victim, hatching a plan to sell her to a client and escape. She strips her and examines the goods, determining a price. She can ask more for her since she's a professional. She calls a client. Star begins to come to. Tomiko grabs the bottle of oral sedatives and prepares. She tells Star her plan & Star protests. Tomiko forces most of the bottle's contents down Star's throat which puts her out pretty quickly.

Tomiko thinks she hears the doorbell and cradle carrys the limp doctor to the door.

To be continued - keep your eye on Tomiko's clips at your favorite site for the next episode ;)
Visit Tomiko's website at

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Limp Fetish, Lift & Carry, Handcuff And Shackle Fetish, Limp Play 1 KO By Oral Sedative 2 Knockouts By Injection

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23 minutes



Foot Smelling Foreplay
Featuring Siren Thorn & Star Nine

Siren & Star are lounging around, admiring each other's pantyhose. Star thinks that Siren's are nicer, so soft, and her feet are just the perfect size. She sneaks a little sniff of Siren's hosed soles. Wow, they smell so good! Kind of earthy . . . in a good way. Siren takes a whiff of Star's nylon feet & she loves the scent too! She's never done anything like this before & hopes Star won't tell! They sniff each others feet, getting drunk on the smell until they just can't take it anymore and decide to go lie down . . .

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Backseam Pantyhose, Foot Smelling, Foot Worship, Foot Fetish Asian Pantyhose Fetish

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The pantyhose worn in this clip are available for sale! Email to inquire.

7 minutes



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