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You Sent Me Pantyhose?
Featuring Addie Juniper

Addie's really not sure why you sent her pantyhose, they weren't on her wishlist or anything. She guesses you probably want her to wear them for you. Well since you're such a nice guy, she'll put them on - she's not wearing any underwear either. Addie wants to know, what is it that you like about pantyhose? The color, the texture, the way they shape her legs? Addie can tell that you're getting really turned on, where do you want to cum? Somewhere on her pantyhose obviously . . .

Includes masturbation instruction, reinforced toes, pantyhose modeling

8 minutes



Hot Hot Pantyhose
Featuring Jezabel Knight & Siren Thorn

Jezabel Knight & Siren Thorn are playing in their pantyhose, rubbing their legs together. They quickly break out the hitachi, taking turns rubbing it over each others pantyhose, eventually wedging it between themselves and cumming, crotch to crotch, in their pantyhose.

Includes girl/girl, reinforced toes

9 minutes



Motel Pantyhose
Featuring Star Nine

It's been a long day, Star kicks off her heels and rubs her feet, she is wearing seemed charcoal pantyhose. She closes her eyes and rubs her long legs, extending them, stretching, massaging. It feels good, Star's roaming hands find the dark cotton panel and she focuses her attentions there, thrusting upwards at her hand with her long legs. She cums hard and then rests, rubbing the now wet panel.

Includes pantyhose masturbation

7 minutes



Ashley's Stinky Pantyhose
Featuring Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham has been wearing the same pair of pantyhose all week, she knows that you love smelly crusty pantyhose, though she's not sure why. Maybe you have a small penis. Don't forget to sniff the crotch, she hasn't even taken them off to masturbate.

Includes pantyhose domination, dirty pantyhose, reinforced toes, control top, masturbation instruction, humiliation

7 minutes



Squirting Pantyhose
Featuring Candle Boxx & Star Nine

Candle finally caught the eye of a guy she's been drooling over at work, she's telling Star all about their first date plans when she realizes that her legs are stubbly! Star calms her down & hands her a pair of pantyhose explaining that they are "just as stimulating for men as they are for us". Candle just has to figure out what Star means, and decides to get herself off to relieve the pressure before her big date.

Includes pantyhose masturbation, squirting

8 minutes



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