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Arielle & Star Pantyhose Foot Worship
Featuring Arielle Lane & Star Nine

Arielle shows Star how she likes to relax with a foot massage. She comments how she's never noticed how nice Star's feet are before. Star always thought her feet were too big, the girls press their feet together, sole to sole, to compare. Star takes a sniff of Arielle's hosed feet & says that they smell good. Arielle sniffs Star's feet out of curiosity. Soon the two girls are worshiping each other's feet & seeing how far they can fit their feet in each other's mouths.

Includes pantyhose foot worship, foot smelling

9 minutes



Dirty Barefoot Pantyhose
Featuring Star Nine

An A.R. Tiste production with background music throughout.

Star walks barefoot in her pantyhose and vintage dress through the filthy parking garage. You can see the soles of her hosed feet getting darker and darker. When she gets back to her apartment she shows off her dirty pantyhose before removing them and washing them in the bathtub.

Includes dirty pantyhose, pantyhose washing, barefoot pantyhose, dirty soles

9 minutes



Lynn Pops POV Pantyhose Foot Worship
Featuring Lynn Pops

Beautiful Goddess Lynn Pops knows all about your pantyhose fetish & your foot fetish. She's going to let you worship her perfect hosed feet with your slutty little mouth, but first, you have to sniff her arch. She instructs you in worshiping her feet. It's the only thing that mouth of yours can do for her.

Includes POV foot worship, pantyhose smelling

The pantyhose worn in this clip are available for sale, email

6 minutes



Jessica's First Encasement
Featuring Jessica Taylor & Star Nine

Jessica Taylor has never been encased before. Star coats her with colorful pantyhose and ties her to the wall. Star is also completely covered with colorful hose and teases Jessica, rubbing her hosed hands & face against her, tickling her a bit, before introducing the hitatchi. Jessica loves the combination of the textured nylon & the strong vibrator, she writhes and moans until she finally explodes in an intense orgasm.

Includes nylon encasement, encasement bondage, forced orgasms

9 minutes



Ceara Lynch: The Interview
Featuring Ceara Lynch

Gorgeous Domme Ceara Lynch talks about how her first experience with pantyhose was also her first experience with the fetish world - selling dirty pantyhose to an online sub. She talks about the different things guys have wanted her to do in her pantyhose before selling them & creative ways that she has used pantyhose in her fetish shoots.

Includes pantyhose domination, pantyhose stories, dirty pantyhose

The pantyhose worn in this clip are available for sale - email

6 minutes



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