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I Followed Her Home
Featuring Alexis Blaze & Star Nine

I followed her home, it was so easy. She had no instinctual protections, no fear of being followed. No one had trained her to be on constant alert, to suspect the footsteps trailing her, to tightly close the building gate behind her. To be afraid for being a woman.

She looked innocent, clean, like a new coed. I came up behind her as she was fumbling with her keys, my rag wet and ready. She didn't even scream out, young girl without a voice, she struggled quietly until she went limp and heavy in my arms.

I dragged her into her apartment and placed her limp body on the couch. She's very, very limp, her arms like rubber. I sniff her arm, hoping she's as clean as I imagined. She smells like . . . baby wipes. I check her eyes, white, vacant. Totally out. I free her large breasts from their conservative bra & hike up her flowery skirt. I remove her shoes and sniff her dirty feet, they smell earthy. I tongue her nipple and she begins to wake up.

I reach for the chloroform as she becomes conscious and begins questioning me. Doesn't she remember me helping her? She was stumbling, she's lucky I came along before some man took advantage of the situation. She wants me to leave, but I'm not done yet. She struggles weakly while I put her back out.

I reposition her body & remove my pants. She's just my limp little toy now. I play with her limp arm, smelling her hand as I begin rubbing my pussy. I bounce her ample, young breasts around, getting off on how unaware and helpless my clean young plaything is.

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2X Chloroform KOs, Limp Play, EyeChecks, Solo Masturbation Foot Smelling Molestation

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15 minutes



Sheer Pantyhose Under Jeans
Featuring Star Nine

I love wearing silky, sheer, pantyhose even under pants. I love the way they tease at me throughout the day, how I have a little sexy secret.

Today I'm wearing a coffee sheer to waist pair under my jeans while I clean up the studio. They tease me (and you), peeking out from my waistband while I push the furniture around.

I feel like I've earned a break, a treat. I run my hand up my calve, remove my shoes and flex my hosed feet. I dip my hand along the silky sheer nylon below my waistband.

As I remove my pants you catch a glimpse of my pussy through my sheer, gusset-less, hose. Later you can see my open pink hole as I finger myself under my pantyhose, making myself cum.

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Jeans Fetish, Solo Masturbation, Pantyhose Under Jeans, Sheer To Waist Pantyhose Orgasms Solo Female

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11 minutes



Performance Review Part 2
Featuring Jay Taylor & Star Nine

Star pulls Jay's pantyhose down and shows her just how serious she is. She slowly teases Jay's pussy with her tongue before adding her fingers, making her young employee cum.

Jay stops Star as she begins to dress, ready to show some initiative she tears her boss's pantyhose open and enthusiastically shows Star what she has learned, licking and sucking her boss's pussy.

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Girl-Girl, Office Domination, Older Woman/Younger Woman, Lesbian Oral Pantyhose Domination

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The pantyhose worn in this clip are available for sale, email to inquire.

11 minutes



Pantyhose Desperation
Featuring Star Nine

Star is locked in the supply closet at work, she's been pounding on the door, but no one can hear her. It's hot in there. She fans herself, tosses her hair, unbuttons her shirt. She's sure that someone will be by soon, that new receptionist just burns through paper.

Star realizes that she has to pee. That's not good. She shifts around, pounds on the door some more. No one comes. She takes off her belt, hoping that will relieve the pressure. It does a bit, she pulls the band of her skirt & her pantyhose away from her body, that helps for a moment, but then the urge to pee gets even stronger. Eventually her bladder releases & warm urine runs down the sides of her legs, trapped by her black pantyhose, pooling in her shoes & at her feet. Star panics, what is she going to do about the mess?

She tries to sop up the puddle with her pee soaked pantyhose. Bare legged, she does her best to pull herself together & continues to wait.

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Desperation, Female Desperation, Pee, Calf Muscle Fetish Secretary Black Pantyhose

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The pantyhose worn in this clip are available for sale - email to inquire.

10 minutes



Performance Review
Featuring Jay Taylor & Star Nine

It's time for Jay Taylor's performance review. Star had high hopes for Jay when she hired her, but feels that she is now floundering. Perhaps Jay is more suited to working in a male dominated environment? She just doesn't seem to be taking the initiative. Star asks Jay how she would please a male boss, what she's done to get ahead in previous situations. Jay can't believe where this is going - her boss is really hitting on her! Once she grasps Star's needs she does her best to accommodate.

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Pantyhose Domination, Office Domination, Girl-Girl, Strap-On Masturbation Dildo Sucking

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The pantyhose worn in this video are available for sale, email to inquire.

12 minutes



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