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Dance Tights
Featuring Serene Isley & Star Nine

Star and Serene are doing their stretches. Serene notices that Star is wearing nice, shiny, pantyhose instead of the regulation dance tights. Serene threatens to tell her mother, the head of the dance troupe, unless Star trades tights with her. Star goes along with it, but she is not pleased. The girls banter back and forth until Serene has had enough and threatens to tell mommy again unless Star gives her stinky dancer feet a massage.

Includes pantyhose trading, stinky pantyhose, foot massage

The pantyhose worn in this clip are available for sale, email

9 minutes



Hotel Doctor
Featuring Star Nine & Levi

Star has had a bit too much to drink at the hotel bar. Levi observes her drunkenly stumbling to her room and decides to have a little fun. He knocks on her door claiming to be the hotel doctor - there's been some concern that someone may have slipped something in her drink. Not to worry, he has an injection that will counteract the effects of the drug. He begins to play with his limp victim. He runs his hands over her soft skin and enjoys her scent. He checks her heart rate to make sure she is in a deep sleep.

Star wakes up, confused. Levi explains that she has been drugged at the bar, she feels woozie doesn't she? He instructs her to close her eyes and prepares a chloroform rag. Her eyes flutter white and she is out again. He strips her down to her bra & panties. She wakes up, still very confused. He tells her a different story this time, she answered the door in her underwear, he's been trying to take her vitals but she keeps passing out . . .

He chloroforms the drunk girl again pretending that it will help her. Finally he has her totally nude, he inspects her body, holding her limply up to him. He flips her over, he worries that he will run out of time to smell all of her. Star comes to, much more upset now that she notices her nudity. Levi exits, explaining that a female nurse will be coming to check on her shortly.

Includes limp play, 3 KOS (1 injection & 2 chloros)

25 minutes



Mina's First Encasment
Featuring Mina & Star Nine

I can't wait to put my little friend Mina in her very first encasement. She's so tiny I wonder if I can get her entire body in one leg . . . Mina isn't as excited as I thought she would be, but she goes along with my plans. I wonder if she's claustrophobic? She doesn't seem to be enjoying herself much until I break out the hitatchi and make her cum.

Includes pantyhose encasement, girl/girl hitatchi play

The pantyhose worn in this clip are available for sale - email

8 minutes



The Consultants
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

You're shocked to find Dixie Comet and Star Nine waiting in your office. You paid them a lot of money to go away - three times the fee they were to be paid by the board upon completion of their project. You stutter, speechless. Your eyes wander to their killer legs and your mind goes blank. Dixie and Star calmly explain that, while the money was nice, they have their reputations to think of. They couldn't possibly leave without completing the job they were hired for. They taunt you with their perfect hosed legs, touching each other. Don't you want to call security? You stay, transfixed, sweating, breathing heavily. Paralyzed. You cannot move; you can only wait, trembling with anticipation.

Includes pantyhose domination

The pantyhose worn in this clip are available for sale - email

6 minutes



My Boyfriend Likes Pantyhose!
Featuring Siren Thorn & Star Nine

Star's friend Siren has come over to visit & she is very upset. It seems her boyfriend has given her a gift - pantyhose. Siren doesn't know what to think! She always takes very good care of her legs, what is he trying to hint at? Star wonders if he has a pantyhose fetish. Siren hasn't heard of that before. Star explains that he might like the idea of rubbing up against the pantyhose during sex, of tearing out the gusset and fucking her like that - or maybe he likes the idea of Siren's scent getting trapped in the nylon layers during the day. Siren tries the pantyhose on, Star picks up the package and notes that they are 100% nylon with a reinforced toe - not the cheap stuff, and look, they fit Siren perfectly. Siren gets into the idea and decides she's going to wear them all day to get her scent nice and trapped in and then surprise him with them.

Includes reinforced toes, pantyhose talk

10 minutes



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