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Blackmailing the Shoe Salesman
Featuring Star Nine

Star is waiting for you to bring the shoes she asked for in her size, she's staring at her phone so it takes her awhile to notice that you are back and staring, mesmerized by her dangling heel. She tries on the shoes you brought her and asks your opinion. Does the size down make her pantyhose bunch up too much? Is it okay to wear open toed shoes with pantyhose if the toe is sheer? She catches you again staring at her feet. She has you figured out. You're a foot perv, aren't you? Well, today is your lucky day, you're going to be seeing a lot more of Star when she comes in every month to pick up the shoes you'll be buying her - all the top designers' new lines. You'll spend your whole measly shoe salesman paycheck on her, in fact, she's going to walk out in these $300 heels right now, but that's better than losing your job right? You wouldn't want her to tell your manager how you took the job in order to be closer to womens' hosed feet . . .

Includes dangling, designer shoes, sheer toes, financial domination, blackmail

11 minutes



Can I Touch Your Legs?
Featuring Star Nine & Lance Hart

Star is bored. Lance is mesmerized by her long hosed legs, he asks if he can touch them. Star is surprised, she asks what he likes about legs. Lance touches her toned, muscular, thigh. Star decides to amuse herself while indulging his leg fetish. She wraps her long hosed legs around his neck in a figure four for a while & then shifts into a scissors lock. No longer bored, Star allows Lance to worship her hosed legs & feet.

Includes nude pantyhose, scissor holds, leg worship, foot worship

7 minutes



After School Pantyhose
Featuring Siren Thorn

Siren is home from a long day at school. She always likes to look as sexy as possible in class, so she wore her silky new back-seamed pantyhose. It's a hot day and she's looking forward to getting out of her school uniform. Siren knows that she's going to be home alone for awhile, so she takes her time, rubbing her silky hosed legs & watching herself in the mirror. She stretches & poses for herself in the mirror, massages her silky, hosed, feet. She teases herself, rubbing her hands over the gusset and her large perky tits, before deciding to get started on her homework.

Includes pantyhose modeling, taupe pantyhose, seamed pantyhose, Asian, school uniform

The pantyhose worn in this clip are for sale - email

8 minutes



Your Sister's New Pantyhose
Featuring Roxie Rae & Star Nine

Your sister Roxie has recently started a new job with her friend Star where she is required to wear pantyhose. She thought that they would be itchy and uncomfortable but she really, really, likes them. The only thing that bothers her about them, is that she's now noticed that you, her pervy little brother, can't keep your eyes off her legs.

Star & Roxie catch you eavesdropping, you dirty little boy, staring at your sister's legs. Does it make your little penis hard? Do you want to wear her pantyhose? Have you been stealing them & jacking off with them? What would your friends think? The fact that you haven't run away yet must mean you are enjoying it, why don't you pull it out and stroke it? You know you want to stroke it to your sister's legs.

Includes taboo topics, first time pantyhose, pantyhose humiliation, small penis humiliation, nylon domination, JOI, ruined orgasms

6 minutes



Pantyhose Foot Worship
Featuring Lizz Andrews & Candle Box

Candle has been noticing a delicious aroma in the air that she just can't figure out the source of. She compliments her friend Lizz on her perfect, tanned legs. Lizz reveals that she is wearing pantyhose & Candle finally realizes where that irresistible odor is coming from.

Candle cannot keep her nose and mouth off of Lizz's hosed feet. She worships them & rubs them all over her face. Lizz teases Candle, holding her hosed feet just out of reach, rubbing one foot over Candle's panties while she worships the other. Candle's desire is relentless, she won't leave Lizz's hosed feet alone, even after both girls cum.

Includes pantyhose foot worship, pantyhose foot smelling

12 minutes



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