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Mesmerized Heroine
Featuring Chrissy Marie

Chrissy Marie is a perky new superheroine just starting out. She doesn’t have a costume but is naive and wants to make a name for herself.

Deciding to investigate the rash of crimes involving kidnapped women in the area, she visits the most recent victim (POV) who is actually the perpetrator.

She sits down in her belly baring tank top, daisy dukes and pantyhose with boots. Innocently taking a spiked drink, she talks about the drugging, gassing and hypnotizing of missing women in the crime report.

Chrissy gets sleepy with heavy eyes and tries shaking it off. Dizzy, she confronts you before standing. Her eyes rolling back and she falls back on the couch.

When knocked out, you do POV limp checks and start boob grabbing ber big natural tits.

Awakening alone, rope bound with her arms behind her back and legs together, she sleepily struggles to escape the rope bondage. The bondage rope is too tight and she questions if the victim did this due to her hypnotism, still not realizing she's the Baddie.

As she's escaping her binds, she activates a motion sensor and a sleeping gas enters the room. Her rolling eyes get heavy and she realizes she's in a gas chamber before passing out. Rousing again, she knows that she needs to stop this sleepy torture or she will be sold off in the slave trade. The POV perpetrator wears special glasses that destroy her focus as she's drawn into an induction spiral. Helpless to the hypnotizing magic, she acquires glassy eyes. A snap of the fingers and her head drops and arms go limply to her sides as she's entranced in a hypnotic sleep.

Coming to and realizing she's stripped nude, she tries covering herself but a finger snapping makes her become a docile slut who can't fight the pov tit squeezing.

Snapping fingers, her head droops and she will be ready for the next shipment of sex slaves.

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Includes superheroine, mesmerize, damsel in distress, bondage, sleep fetish

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10 minutes



Closer To Goddess
Featuring Star Nine

I am frequently asked by aspiring slaves what it is like to be owned by Me. This sermon is both a tutorial and a warning. Stay through the end for an opportunity to experience injaculation.

Serving Me is a divine experience of either transcendence or of walking the path. Those who are able to follow instruction, let go, dissolve their egos, and give freely of themselves in service to Me find themselves in a state of deep connection, literally hearing Me in their head throughout the day, guiding and giving their lives purpose.

Those who choose to remain stuck, looping through programmed routines, focusing on what they have been told women are supposed to give them will likely struggle to serve Me properly. Dedication, watching, listening, following instruction can break through these loops. Most of my "mesmerizing" videos are consciousness exercises meant to bring greater awareness and connection (along with orgasms) to the viewer. If you are feeling stuck, if you are struggling to keep My attention, I advise a careful and focused viewing of this series of videos.

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Includes slave training, pantyhose domination, goddess worship, financial domination, orgasm control

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31 minutes



Reunited Underwater
Featuring Lola Fae & Star Nine

A condensed version of recent release Reunited Step-Sisters containing only the pool scenes ;)

Star rises late after a sleepless night. She peaks in Lola's room but her house guest isn't there. As she walks through the house, her body tight with anticipation, Star hears a familiar moan coming from the backyard. Gazing through the french doors she spies Lola sitting on the pool steps furiously fucking herself. Lola is talking dirty as she gets herself off again and again.

Star plays the voyeur, slipping her hand into her panties as she gazes out at Lola. Star moans as Lola turns to catch her gaze. Suddenly Lola gets up out of the pool and approaches the glass door, pressing her wet body up against the glass and begging her Star to come out and fuck her. On the other side of the glass Star desperately begs Lola to cum.

As Star recovers from her orgasm, Lola swings open the door and jumps into her arms, begging her to toss her into the pool and fuck her on the bottom for as long as she likes. Star happily obeys, carrying her Lola over to the pool and tossing her in before jumping in herself. They descend, kissing, to the bottom where they go at each other, licking, finger fucking and tribbing to orgasm over and over and over.

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Includes underwater, wet look, lesbian, voyeur, masturbation, kissing

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26 minutes



Wrap Gag Virtual Sex
Featuring Star Nine

POV fucking your wrap gagged girlfriend. Star Nine rides your cock, encouraging you to fuck her long and deep through her wrapped tape gag. She pinches her nipples and pulls her hair, fucking you hard, her moans muffled through her tight gag until her eyes roll back.

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Includes gag talk, virtual sex, gagged women, cowgirl sex, bouncing breasts, orgasms

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11 minutes



Rogue Agent 00
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Assassin Star Nine has a dream sequence about another femme fatale, Ashley Lane killing her. Napping in her tube top, yoga pants, high heels and oversized sunglasses, her lesbian killing fantasies come to life.

Star talks to her boss on the phone as Ashley enters in a microkini and dominates her with forced kissing that mesmerizes Star. She secretly enjoys receiving butt grabbing and belly punching from this tall blonde.

Gasping as the belly punches land on her flat belly, she tries scolding the newbie, but is distracted by her perfect tits hanging out of the micro bikini. She's helpless as Ashley is pussy fingering her under her spandex leggings and is helpless to stop the gun from being pointed at her head by Star's own hands. It's like she's in a state of mind control.

Roused and startled, she drinks a glass of water and tries to block the image of the sexy young recruit before the lesbian dreams resume.

As Star is working, Ashley comes in and starts neck kissing. Reaching for her gun, Ashley stops her and continues tongue kissing while pointing the weapon at her prey. Star's red fingernails grab on to the dominant woman as the barrel grazes her flesh.

Plunging the gun barrel in her belly button, Star gasps at the pulled trigger and she's belly shot. Despite the belly pain, she continues ass spreading her murderer. Ashley pushes her neck back with the gun and the elongated throat causes breathing difficulties.

Waking again, Star is horrified that she's sweating from arousal. Why can't she get this tall vixen out of her head? Is she secretly mind fucking her?

The phone rings, and Star answers the phone from her Chief.

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Includes executrix, lesbian domination, female domination, kissing, belly fetish

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OTHER KEYWORDS- lesbian domination peril femme fatales body worship female domination femdom sensual domination kissing death fetish lesbian fantasies girl-girl girl/girl girlgirl girl girl GG blondes tall woman tall women kink belly fetish moaning fetish

10 minutes



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