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Shoe Fucker
Featuring Star Nine

The things these heels have seen, done, the damage they've inflicted. Four years of regular wear. They smell so delicately of feet, expensive nylon, Italian leather. If only there were some way that you could properly worship my well worn Italian leather heels . . .

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Includes shoe worship, high heels

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6 minutes



Supergirl Entrapped & Drained
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Supergirl (Ashley Lane) frees a captured heroine only to be drained of all her powers & mesmerized into becoming a mindless sex slave. She tries to fight off brainwashed Star's powers, but finally succumbs to her orgasmic, mesmerizing, touch. Drained of all power and personality, Supergirl dances and masturbates for her Master's pleasure.

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Includes superheroine, mesmerize, lesbian domination, woman following orders

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19 minutes



Coerced Sissy
Featuring Star Nine

It was just a little innocent fun. You in satin panties, My cock in your mouth. The top of a slippery slope & I'm about to push you right over the edge. It was probably a mistake to let Me take those pictures. Now you're going to be My little sissy slut and do exactly as I say.

First some sexy gifts for my little nylon slut. Vintage stockings, a tight latex dress. You put these on for Me along with bra, garters, heels, your chastity belt, and of course, those infamous satin panties.

Now, it's time to take the lid off those poppers you've been experimenting with. Time to make you truly addicted. My chaste little nylon sissy slut, the alternating rush of sniffs from the bottle and whiffs of My nylon soles. your ecstasy, the rush, your chastity. Will you achieve the ruined caged orgasm on offer or will you be left addicted and frustrated in your sissy finery?

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Includes mind fuck, sissyfication, chastity, ruined orgasms, foot domination

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19 minutes



Homewrecking Vamp
Featuring Gigi Lyn & Star Nine

Gigi arrives home from a weekend away at her nieces bridal shower. Her husband is nowhere to be seen, but a young blonde is! He must have invited her in. Gigi is enraged at the site of of the little slut in her home & demands to know where her husband is.

The vampire smiles coldly & advises Gigi she may wish to check the bedroom. Gigi opens the door and begins to scream. She turns back in terror and shock. The vampire reaches out to calm her, glamoring her into a tranquil, submissive state.

Her husband was such a large feast, the vampire is not hungry yet. She toys with her next meal, having her strip and wait. Gigi sits, obediently waiting. The vampire returns and instructs her glamored prey to bring the blood to the surface. She feeds, draining her completely.

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Includes vampire, mesmerize

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7 minutes



Sexy Attorney Heel Play
Featuring Cali Logan & Star Nine

Star & her new co-counsel, Cali Logan, celebrate their first win together. Star talks about how happy Cali has made her as she begins to rub her high heel over Cali's ankle, her hand on her thigh. Cali reciprocates and the two passionately kiss and strip down to just their heels and pantyhose as they continue their heel play.

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Includes heel play, kissing, pantyhose

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12 minutes



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