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Cum Cube
Featuring Star Nine

Silly little sissy, always crawling back for more. Now strip out of that drag and show Me your nice girly things.

I see you have your electric chastity belt on - the one that goes up to 15. Between the electricity, the exquisite scent of My nylon feet & that little bottle you're going to be feeling sore & weak.

Now that your little clitty has been thoroughly zapped, your defenses worn down, I have a 2 point plan to address your aversion to slurping down hot steamy cum.

You're going to need an empty ice cube tray, your frilliest panties, hand cuffs, a ball gag & a nice big plug for your sissy hole.

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Includes sissy training, cei, chastity, cbt, mind fuck, pantyhose domination

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25 minutes



Bound Spy
Featuring Star Nine

Caught while on a mission, Star Nine is tied up in her boots & jeans. First she struggles and moans around her gag in a chair tie. Next she rolls around on the floor in a hogtie with crotch rope trying to free herself.

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Includes bondage, rope bondage, ball gag, struggling

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12 minutes



Kneeling At My Feet
Featuring Star Nine

I know what My good boy craves, some quiet time at My feet. Expensive leather dangling from shiny smooth silky oily gossamer nylon. So delicate.

Everyone deserves a place where they belong.

Just quiet your mind & listen.

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Includes asmr, pantyhose domination, mesmerize, foot domination

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9 minutes



Crossing Catwoman
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Suffering from an injured shoulder, Catwoman meets with a discreet doctor who specializes in off the books treatment of super villains. A handy service, but not without it's risks. The doctor is less than scrupulous & uses her position to earn more than just a little under the table cash.

The doctor takes every opportunity to sedate the super villain, spritzing her with sleepy spray, injecting her with a strong sedative and even drugging her water. Once Catwoman's defenses are down she is easily able to hypnotize her with her pen light. She gets the sleepy villainess to tell her exactly where she keeps her riches & then implants a cover story in her mind in case she wakes up too early.

Catwoman wakes alone, convinced that the Penguin has drugged her & stolen her loot. She vows revenge as the room fills with sleepy gas.

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Includes sleep fetish, limp fetish, superheroine, mesmerize

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12 minutes



Shit Eating Meeting
Featuring Star Nine

It's seems you've managed to develop a reputation for a certain proclivity.

Just be honest, is it true that you've been being used as a toilet by multiple female colleagues? Is it true that you kneel with your mouth open waiting eagerly for shit? Feasting on lady caviar at every opportunity?

The level of depravity it must take to become a human toilet. To open your mouth & take in shit, swallow shit.

I just have to see it for myself.

Send your custom video request to star at starbondmedia dot com

Includes toilet slavery, toilet fetish, office domination, female supremacy

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13 minutes



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