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Magnetic Stockings
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane & Star Nine are testing a new product at work - a pair of stay up stockings that utilize magnetism controlled by an app to prevent sagging. In order to test the new stockings they decide to remove most of their clothing for a clear view of the stockings' position on their legs. They turn the app on and notice a funny sensation, like their legs are being pulled together by the magnetism. Ashley & Star have some fun with this at first, moving their legs towards and away from each other to feel the pull of the magnet. Eventually they find that they can't pull their legs apart anymore & the strength of the magnetism holds their stocking legs tightly together. They struggle to separate and have no luck until the app suddenly crashes.

Star thinks they should reboot the app since they need to continue testing the new product, and document the problem if it is ongoing. Ashley worries that maybe the app won't crash again and they won't be able to get unstuck but as she is voicing her concerns Star restarts the app. The girls are instantly pulled on top of one another by the powerful magnetism. They struggle to separate, rolling off the couch and onto the floor as they do so. Ashley starts to experience some inappropriate sensations from the pressure of Star's legs pressed against hers and asks Star to stop moving because she's worried that she's going to cum! Star insists that they need to get unstuck. As Ashley cums, her lips get stuck to Star's and now they are stuck leg to leg, lip to lip as they continue to struggle on the floor.

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Includes stuck fetish, struggling, orgasms, stockings

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13 minutes



Witness Peril
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Chrissy and Star are key witnesses in an upcoming trial, they are under police protection at home so they are shocked and frightened when a tough guy breaks in and ties them up! Apparently the police have been compromised and he is here to make sure they don't testify.

Chrissy pleads with the man, telling him that they'll go out of town, disappear but he just stuffs tons of cloth in their mouth and gags them tightly with cleave gags. Once the girls are tied up and silenced he tells them that he has a plan to make 100% sure they won't be around to testify.

With the man gone, Chrissy & Star struggle to free themselves but the ropes are too tight. Star spies a nail file on the bedside table and carefully hops over but it's no use, they can't cut through the ropes either.

The bad guy returns and gags them even tighter, adding an over the mouth gag to their already stuffed and cleave gagged mouths. He adds a rope hogtying them tightly so now there's really no escape.

Chrissy & Star struggle desperately, praying that they will somehow be rescued in time.

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Includes bondage, damsel in distress, rope bondage, gagged women, gag talk, strugglingperil

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Spy Seduction
Featuring Codey Steele & Star Nine

Sexy spy Star Nine has charmed her way into Codey Steele's life. He's an important businessman whose company works with government secrets. As part of his security clearance Codey has received a lot of training in how to avoid being compromised by various means. Star is prepared to meet resistance and employees a number of techniques to get Codey right when she wants him. From greeting him at the door with her intoxicating lips she quickly makes her way into his bedroom, preparing the scene with soothing scents and music as he removes his shoes. Once she has him under her spell she slips away to start downloading files from his personal laptop. His training is evident as she has to pause and return to him halfway though her task. She runs her seductive nylon feet over his bare chest and then places them over his face, pulling him deeper under her spell. Once she has what she needs she makes use of a delicate chain dangling from her ankle and her entrancing bare feet to wipe all memory of her visit from his mind.

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Includes pantyhose domination, mesmerize, kissing, foot domination, foot fetish

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19 minutes



Featuring Alison Rey & Star Nine

Roommates Alison and Star discover that they share a special affinity for water. It was bound to happen sooner or later, sharing a bathroom and similar work schedules.

Alison makes the discovery first, heading to the bathroom to brush her teeth, she finds it occupied. Peaking through the door she discovers a surprising but familiar sight . . . Star masturbating in the bathtub, still wearing her nightgown. The wet fabric molded around her body as she splashes and moans submerged in the warm water. Instead of turning away, Alison allows her hands to slide under her pajama bottoms. Watching her roommate enjoying herself in the water, Alison quickly begins to masturbate, feeling compelled to catch up to her wet roommate's level of arousal. She continues to look through the door, watching Star as she bucks in the water, sliding her wet hands in and out of her wet pussy. Alison matches Star's tempo and clamps her hand down over her mouth as Star submerges completely in the water, muffling the sounds of her orgasm.

Later that day, Star comes home from work and hears the shower running. She peaks through the bathroom door and discovers Alison, still half dressed in her work clothes, pleasuring her dripping wet body under the warm shower spray. Alison makes to attempt to stifle her moans as Star looks on, partially undressing and getting herself off to the sight of her sexy, soaking wet, roommate.

Freshly showered, Alison walks out into the back yard. It's the last days of summer and she contemplates the garden hose. Bending to turn it on, Alison is shocked to find Star sitting in a chair with the hose in her hand. Wordlessly, Star pats her lap and beckons Alison to her. The two roommates kiss and grind on each other's laps as the cool stream of water soaks them from head to toe. Alison pulls away and asks if they can take the hose with them into the pool.

Submerged in the deep warm water, Alison and Star explore each other's bodies. Still partially clothed they employ the hose as a portable jet, spraying the hard steady stream on each other's pussies, licking, tasting, enjoying every inch of each other's bodies in a deep underwater lesbian sex session.

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Includes underwater, wet look, lesbian

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46 minutes



The Other Woman
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane speaks nervously on the phone to her lover. She's about to meet his wife and is worried that she knows. As Ashley continues her conversation, Star's high heels walk into frame. Ashley doesn't hear her approach and jumps as she taps her on the shoulder. Star quickly takes the phone from her hands, telling the caller that she'll call her back. Star makes it clear that she knows. Her perfume on his shirt, her lipstick behind his ear.

What her husband lacks in intelligence he makes up for in taste. Star runs her hands over Ashley's chest, groping her breasts as Ashley gasps in confusion. Their lips lock and they make their way to the couch. Their high heels tangle and rub against nylon legs as they strip and make out,

Star stands Ashley up and bends her over the couch, tearing a hole in her shiny pantyhose. She penetrates her husband's mistress with her strap-on cock. Her heels lift and rock on the floor with every thrust as Ashley moans in ecstasy.

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Includes high heels, heel play, pantyhose, lesbian domination, strap-on, pantyhose domination

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