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Diaper Boss
Featuring Casey Calvert & Star Nine

Star tests her new secretary, Casey Calvert. There were some tasks she didn't describe during the job interview - some key responsibilities of Casey's new position. Casey approaches Star's desk and she stands, revealing her soaking wet diaper. Part of Casey's new job will be changing her boss.

Casey agrees to change Star and she lies down across her desk, instruction Casey to grab the fresh diaper, powder, wipes, and pacifier. She puts the pacifier in her mouth while Casey changes her. Standing, Star lets Casey know that she will also be changing her. Casey doesn't wear diapers, but she submissively agrees that wearing one would help her get more work done. She lies down on the desk as Star wipes, powders, and diapers her.

Casey stands and starts to reach for her clothes, but now Star is hungry. She leads her secretary over to the couch and proceeds to breast feed. Casey coos as her boss suckles at her tit. While Star is feeding, Casey wets her diaper so Star changes her again before sending her back to her desk.

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Includes diaper fetish, breast feeding, secretary

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11 minutes



Hypnotic Skills
Featuring Caroline Pierce & Star Nine

Caroline confronts her student about her fantastical term paper on the powers of hypnosis. Star's claims are wildly divergent from the accepted knowledge regarding hypnotic practices & her paper is littered with inappropriate insinuations about her professor!

Star was hoping to talk to Caroline about her paper, alone, in her office & she suggests that Caroline put her feet in her lap. Caroline refuses, even as she slips out of her heels and places her feet in Star's lap. She continues to address the issues with Star's paper as Star begins to rub her feet applying slow, firm pressure.

Soon Caroline is in hypnotic bliss, Star's warm mouth on her nylon feet. She slips into a trance, enjoying the sensation as time gets away from her.

Fifteen minutes later, Caroline is topless as she removes her feet from Star's lap. She's wrapping up their conversation without missing a beat. Expecting her chastised student to apologize & leave, Caroline is shocked when Star mentions that she has her own concerns . . . starting with the fact that she does not believe her professor is straight.

Caroline protests, but Star insists that she's caught Caroline looking at her in class, she's noticed that the professor seems particularly interested in her feet.

Star places her feet in Caroline's lap & she begins to massage them without realizing it. Soon Caroline is back in her trance & worshiping Star's feet. Time slips away from her again. By the end of their meeting, Caroline is in Star's arms, kissing and praising her, of course she is getting an A in the class, Caroline is even planning to inform the dean what an amazing student she is.

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Includes mesmerize, foot worship, lesbian domination, pantyhose domination, kissing

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60 minutes



Shrink & Squish
Featuring Star Nine

Do you like my new high heels? I'm towering over you even more than usual. You're such a small man. Pathetic really. The more I talk about how much taller than you I am, the smaller you seem to get. Soon you realize you're shrinking, and before you know it you're just a tiny man bug. The perfect size for me to crush under my black nylon soles. I don't even need these heels anymore, I'm infinitely taller than you now. Go on, beg me not to turn you into a tiny little red stain on the bottom of my foot.

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Includes shrinking fetish, giantess, foot domination, height humiliation, crush

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10 minutes



Hot Liquid Kryptonite
Featuring Star Nine

This clip contains some static noise (example at beginning of preview), hence the discounted price.

Trapped in Dark Supergirl's lair you kneel before her as she tries to win you over. She's certain that she will be able to break you, to seduce you, after all, you may be a superhero, but you are still a man. She forces you to worship her stinky opaque black tights as the brags about how you will fight on her side against the good Supergirl. You wait until she believes that she has truly broken you to pull out your secret weapon.

Dark Supergirl laughs. No weapon can effect her, she's the girl of steel. But you have a secret. Hot liquid kryptonite hits her to her core. She clutches her stomach as her body begins to behave strangely. She complains of the heat as she slowly melts to a puddle on the floor.

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Includes superheroine, super villain, magic control, tights fetish

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10 minutes



Diploma Destruction
Featuring Star Nine

Something that you worked so hard for, your diploma. A little piece of paper representing all the money and hours you put into jumping through hoops for recognition, prestige, a leg up at work. So important to you that you paid for extra copies. Watch Me destroy it.

The first two copies become liners for My expensive high heels. Luckily there's one copy left. It's sitting on My desk & it falls to the floor as I rush to answer the phone. I drag it back over with My heel & proceed to take out my aggression on it. Stomping & twisting it under My heels & under My nylon feet as I listen to the idiot on the other line. It's holding up pretty good under My feet until I accidentally spill some water on it.

After the phone call I lean down to pick it up, I muse on how worthless it is now before placing it back under My heels joyfully destroying it. All that hard work destroyed, flushed down the drain. Now there's an idea. That's where you find Me, tearing what is left of your diplomas into tiny pieces & dropping them in the toilet. I shower them with My piss before flushing it all away.

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Includes humiliation, foot domination, trampling, pee, object crush

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18 minutes



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