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Foot Smelling Punishment
Featuring Paris Kennedy & Star Nine

Paris has discovered that her girlfriend, Star, slept with the bartender she has a crush on. Star didn't mean to hurt her, but Paris likes soooo many people - what can she do to make Paris feel better? Paris thinks Star needs to be punished & she has an idea as to how. Paris takes off her ripe pumps and instructs Star to lie on her back. She makes Star smell her damp, stinky, pantyhose - switching positions several times. At the end Star starts smelling Paris' hosed feet as if she were into it, making bedroom eyes at her girlfriend.

Includes foot smelling, dirty pantyhose

The pantyhose Star wore in this clip are available for sale, email

7 minutes



Vintage Chloro Girls
Featuring Jezabel Knight & Star Nine

Star is waiting for her girlfriend Jezabel Knight to get home, she has a huge surprise for her. Star & Jezabel had read about how the chloroform used in many snake oil remedies actually can make you completely unconscious like in the movies. Star finally managed to track some down.

Star knocks out Jezabel first, gazing tenderly at her as her eyes roll back and flutter. Star strips her down to her sexy vintage lingerie & full fashioned stockings. She plays with her limp girlfriend, running her hands along her body.

Jezabel comes to - she say's her head is foggy & she wants to go back to sleep. Star grabs the chloroform & Jezabel remembers. Star puts her under again. She plays with her limp girlfriend's feet and nylon legs, rubbing her face against them. She checks Jezabel's eyes to make sure she is still deeply under.

Star chloroforms herself, slumping to the floor, so that Jezabel will have a limp plaything when she comes to.

Jezabel awakens to her sleepy girlfriend, she pulls her back up onto the couch and removes her dress, giggling at Star's limp arms. She rubs Star's legs and kisses her feet. She checks to see if she can wake Star up, pinching her nipples, tickling her, shaking her head back and forth. Her head aching from the chloroform, Jezabel cuddles up to Star's body for a nap.

Includes chloroform, limp play, vintage lingerie, full fashioned stockings

16 minutes



Lynn Pops POV Pantyhose Foot Smelling
Featuring Lynn Pops

Lynn knows what you're here for - you're here to smell her yummy feet. You're going to put your big nose right between her toes and breathe her in. She knows how much you love her pantyhose and how desperate you are to worship her goddess feet, but really she just wants to gag you. She's going to put duct tape over your mouth so that you are forced to breathe her in. Get on your knees and stick your nose up in the air, loser, you're going to rub your big nose all over her silky hosed feet.

Includes foot smelling, stinky pantyhose

The pantyhose worn in this clip are available for sale - email

6 minutes



Negotiation Tactics Part 2
Featuring Star Nine

Star gets home from her meeting and talks to herself in the mirror, shocked and turned on by how she was able to achieve a 20k salary bump simply by teasing. Just teasing, she didn't even show a nipple, or hike her skirt up higher than a dress she would go out in. Using her power like that, was such a turn on, she is so very wet. Star rewards herself, slipping off her skirt and rubbing her wet pussy through her shiny, control top, pantyhose. She slips her hand under the sheer gusset, rubbing herself under the wet spot. Star reaches for her hitatchi and cums hard, musing on what a sexy, strong, powerful, seductive, woman she is.

Includes pantyhose masturbation, wolfords

10 minutes



Backseam Pantyhose Leg Worship
Featuring Lizz Andrews & Star Nine

Lizz and Star are getting ready to get out, both wearing back seamed stockings. Lizz points out how horribly crooked Star's seams are & fixes them for her. Star returns the favor & gets distracted by Lizz's legs, rubbing her face on them, kissing them, running her hands up them. Not wanting to let Star have all the fun, Lizz begins to nibble and kiss Star's hosed legs. The girls continue to play with each other's legs and feet until they become too sensitive and ticklish.

Includes backseam pantyhose, leg worship, tickling

The pantyhose worn in this clip are available for sale, email

7 minutes



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