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Wait, Are Those Pantyhose?
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Candle is excited when she notices that her friend Star is wearing pantyhose & is eager to show that she wears them too - even under her pants.

Candle & Star discuss what they both enjoy about pantyhose, showing each other their favorite bits. Star shows Candle how the tiniest little flick of pantyhose over the clit enhances sensation & Candle shows Star all about her love for hosed feet.

Includes pantyhose under jeans, pantyhose feet, pantyhose masturbation

8 minutes



Homesick For Pantyhose
Featuring Kelsey Obsession & Star Nine

Kelsey is having a hard time adjusting to life in California. All of the girls in her dorm were putting her down for wearing pantyhose so she had to stop wearing them. Kelsey is homesick & doesn't feel right in short shorts with bare legs, so when her bitchy roommate leaves for class, Kelsey takes out the one pair of pantyhose that she didn't throw away & puts them on in private for a little feeling of home. Kelsey had never found her pantyhose to be erotic before, but having missed them so much, now that they're taboo, she finds that she can't keep her hands off of them.

Includes pantyhose masturbation

6 minutes



Sheer Black Pantyhose Tease
Featuring Star Nine

Star is wearing a silky, shiny, pair of very sheer black pantyhose. Do you like them? They are very, very sheer. See? No gusset. Star poses for you, showing her pussy & ass in various positions. She reaches inside the hose and spreads her pussy open so that you can see her pink hole through the sheer, black, shiny, hose. She asks you to cum on her ass. After you've finished, she asks you to stick around & watch her make herself cum since she got so worked up making this clip for you.

Includes sheer to waist pantyhose, reinforced toe, gusset-less pantyhose, masturbation encouragement, pantyhose masturbation

14 minutes



The Boss's Pantyhose 2
Featuring Tomiko & Star Nine

Tomiko is away on a business trip & Star is determined to find evidence that Tomiko is the one embezzling from the company so that she can't blackmail her anymore, but all she can find are Tomiko's used, stinky, pantyhose.

Tomiko comes back from her trip early & catches Star. She points out the security camera she's had installed in the office. Now she has more "evidence" to blackmail Star with.

Tomiko forces Star to call her husband, to tell him that she will have to pull an all-nighter. She orders Star to her knees and cleans her shoes on Star's clothing before ordering her to worship the used pair of hose Star found in her desk.

Tomiko has Star remove her shoes. Tomiko is wearing RHT nylons & they stink. Star wrinkles her nose & Tomiko uses the used pantyhose to bind Star's hands behind her back. Observing Star, bound like this, Tomiko begins to sniff her own feet, becoming more & more turned on, until Star interjects.

Tomiko wipes her stinky, nylon feet all over Star's face. Ordering her to breath in all of her foot stink. Then she makes plans to meet up with a friend so that they can spend the rest of the night using Star together.

Includes RHT nylons, stinky nylons, nylon domination

22 minutes



Alyssa Smokes In Her Pantyhose
Featuring Alyssa Reece

Alyssa Reece relaxes, barefoot in her pantyhose, with a cigarette in her kitchen.

Includes smoking

6 minutes



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