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Modeling My Vintage Pantyhose
Featuring Star Nine

I'm always on the look out for unique unopened pantyhose from second hand stores. Watch me try on and model a couple of interesting pairs I picked up recently. First a pair of patterned black Wolford tights, then a really amazing pair of vintage suntan pantyhose with a knit white control top that mimics a vintage girdle.

Includes vintage pantyhose, wolfords, pantyhose modeling, control top

12 minutes



Double Domme Pantyhose Sniffing Instruction
Featuring Sydney Lee & Star Nine

Well, aren't you a lucky little foot bitch? You get two pairs of Goddess feet to sniff today. Star has been wearing her pantyhose for three days just for this session. Sydney has only been wearing hers for two, but she's walked in her nylon feet all over the place.

Let's play a little game, see how many scents you can identify off our stinky, dirty, nylon, feet. You're not really sure what to think, you know the scent is disgusting, rank really, but you also know that your cock is rock hard.

Sydney & Star want to see if they can make you cum in your pants, stimulated solely by the scent of their four size 8 1/2 feet. They put their toes together for you to smell all at once, the scent filling your lungs, moving into your bloodstream, flooding your cock.

Includes POV foot smelling, double domme, stinky pantyhose

7 minutes



Massaging The Boss's Nylon Legs
Featuring Star Nine

Star calls you into her office for a little chat. She's noticed, lately, that you can't seem to take your eyes off her legs.

You've been doing a good job & Star firmly believes that she shouldn't miss out on any of the fun that male bosses tend to have.

She thinks she'll let you give her a little massage, why don't you go over there any lock the door.

Good, now, you can start by rubbing my aching soles. Mmm your hands are so strong, that's right, pull on my toes just like that. You're doing such a good job, Star invites you to move up to her sore calves. Star moans with your strong hands on her legs. She hadn't planned for this to go any further, but you're doing such a good job, she hikes her skirt up so that you can see the crotch of her very sheer pantyhose.

See this muscle, right at the top of my leg/bottom of my pelvic bone. You don't mind do you? I didn't mean to be quite so unprofessional, but your hands are just magic.

Includes POV massage, office domination, pantyhose masturbation

12 minutes



Pantyhose Play With Jayla
Featuring Jayla Diamond & Star Nine

Jayla Diamond and Star Nine are lounging on the couch in nothing but their bras and sheer to waist pantyhose. Star starts rubbing Jayla's delicate, soft, feet with her hands while her legs entwine with Jayla's. Star's nylon clad foot rubs up against Jayla's pussy.

This is Jayla's first time in pantyhose. She enjoys the sensation & cums from Star's focused rubbing.

Jayla experiments with rubbing her foot over Star's pussy, making her cum as well. Star's cum seeps into the toes of Jayla's pantyhose

Star spanks Jayla & Jayla starts rubbing her pussy. Star grabs Jayla's foot and uses it to make herself cum again.

Jayla playfully starts giving Star's foot a pantyhose foot job, then she rubs Stars hosed feet over her sensitive nipples while making herself cum in her pantyhose again.

Includes pantyhose footjobs, pantyhose masturbation, sheer to waist pantyhose, girl/girl

The pantyhose worn in this clip are available for sale - email to inquire.

12 minutes



I Followed Her Home
Featuring Alexis Blaze & Star Nine

I followed her home, it was so easy. She had no instinctual protections, no fear of being followed. No one had trained her to be on constant alert, to suspect the footsteps trailing her, to tightly close the building gate behind her. To be afraid for being a woman.

She looked innocent, clean, like a new coed. I came up behind her as she was fumbling with her keys, my rag wet and ready. She didn't even scream out, young girl without a voice, she struggled quietly until she went limp and heavy in my arms.

I dragged her into her apartment and placed her limp body on the couch. She's very, very limp, her arms like rubber. I sniff her arm, hoping she's as clean as I imagined. She smells like . . . baby wipes. I check her eyes, white, vacant. Totally out. I free her large breasts from their conservative bra & hike up her flowery skirt. I remove her shoes and sniff her dirty feet, they smell earthy. I tongue her nipple and she begins to wake up.

I reach for the chloroform as she becomes conscious and begins questioning me. Doesn't she remember me helping her? She was stumbling, she's lucky I came along before some man took advantage of the situation. She wants me to leave, but I'm not done yet. She struggles weakly while I put her back out.

I reposition her body & remove my pants. She's just my limp little toy now. I play with her limp arm, smelling her hand as I begin rubbing my pussy. I bounce her ample, young breasts around, getting off on how unaware and helpless my clean young plaything is.

Includes Chloroform KO x2, limp play, eye checks, solo masturbation, foot smelling, molestation

15 minutes



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