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Stealthy Stocking Worship
Featuring Stella Liberty & Star Nine

My assistant, Stella, sneaks under my desk during a long video conference call. She saw me playing with my rht stocking feet, slipping them in & out of my high heels, wiggling my toes, rubbing my arches together. Stella couldn't resist the allure of my vintage stockings & now she gently removes my heels before sucking my stocking toes, licking my nylon arches & tickling my soles. As the call wraps up I grab her feet, tickling her back for a moment before leading her off to the couch. I recline and she worships my stocking feet, energetically sucking and licking until we reluctantly return to work.

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Includes stockings, foot worship, vintage stockings, dangling

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17 minutes



Vampire Maid
Featuring Pepper Kester & Star Nine

It's Pepper's home, but I move in & make her my personal servant. I arrive as a maid so that she'll invite me in, then strip down to a catsuit from my scrubs. She protests, but is easily glamoured into obedience. Soon the lady of the house is my mesmerized slave, serving me on her knees in a sexy latex maid costume. She offers me her ass when I ask for something juicy & gasps in pleasure as I penetrate her milky flesh with my fangs. I move on to her firm exposed tits to finish feeding. She arches and moans, collapsing in my arms.

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Includes vampire, lesbian domination, mesmerize, biting, latex, woman following orders

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18 minutes



The Keys
Featuring Stella Liberty & Star Nine

You wake up with two gorgeous women thinking you must have had a wild night. Sadly you can't remember a thing, but you assume the best & suggest that we go at it again. That's when you notice the cage on your cock.

You feel emasculated as we laugh at you, but you try to play it cool. First joking, then demanding, then begging that we remove the metal cage.

The key that you're begging for is right under your nose. We both display our anklets with keys on them & offer to play a game - if you guess the correct key then perhaps freedom, no guarantees . . . however if you guess the wrong key you will remain locked up forever and sent to a brutal male reprogramming facility.

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Includes chastity, double domination, femdom pov, female supremacy

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13 minutes



Mesmerizing Lesbian Masseuse
Featuring Sinn Sage & Star Nine

Star has injured her shoulder, but refuses her lesbian roommate's massage offer. Sinn acts offended and pressures Star until she gives in to a shoulder rub on the couch. Sinn knows that the combination of her skilled hands and her special herbal massage oil have the power to wear down her uptight roommate's defenses. Soon Star is arching under her erotic touch, leaning back in her arms as she cums with Sinn's hand down her yoga pants.

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Includes massage, lesbian domination, mesmerize, magic control

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12 minutes



The Mentor
Featuring Pepper Kester & Star Nine

Star shows Pepper how she stays on top of other competitive women by literally keeping them under her feet when Pepper makes the ambitious mistake of asking Star to mentor her. Star's mesmerizing touch guides Pepper on to her back, gazing up at Star's dangling heels. She worships and sniffs Star's nylon feet. Then, when invited she sits up on her knees to suck Star's strap-on cock.

Pepper looks at Star's strap-on and begins to doubt, but a caress from Star is all it takes to get it in her mouth. Finally Star allows Pepper to rise to the top - the top of her strap-on! Pepper rides her cock gasping in pleasure before kneeling in awe of her mentor.

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Includes pantyhose domination, lesbian domination, mesmerize, foot worship, foot smelling, strap-on

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14 minutes



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