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Eye Gazing Cues
Featuring Star Nine

Go deeper. Gaze into My deep green eyes & find yourself even more eager to submit. This video can be viewed on it's own or before any of My other videos for a more intensive experience.

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Includes mesmerize, eye fetish, mental domination, goddess worship, love addiction, femdom pov

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10 minutes



Chrissy's Belly Beatdown
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Chrissy Marie is pummeled mercilessly. Her hands cuffed behind her back she is punched repeatedly in the stomach as she doubles over and expels the air from her belly. She falls to the floor and the relentless beating continues as she is kicked over and over again in the stomach, drool trickling from her lips.

Next she is tied up, her arms in the air as her attacker continues to punish her stomach. She begs Star to stop, and she does, briefly, unbuttoning Chrissy's shorts & rubbing her pussy until she defeatedly cums.

Finally Chrissy is on the floor, her arms tied over her head to a heavy weight. The beatdown continues, Star's fist driving repeatedly into her exposed belly as she gently gasps for air.

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Includes belly punching, beatdowns, lesbian domination, forced orgasms, female fighting

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19 minutes



Corporate Therapy
Featuring Star Nine

your wandering eye has gotten you in trouble with HR. you thought you were untouchable, best buddies with the CEO, but here you sit in your company mandated therapy session.

Star is easily able to bring out your unprofessional physical reactions. As she dangles her heel and displays her long nylon legs you find yourself unable to focus. This is what keeps getting you in trouble, all those damn women walking around the office in short skirts & pantyhose.

Unable to focus in board meetings, all that pent up arousal demands release & that's exactly what this therapist will provide. For a price.

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Includes office domination, pantyhose domination, financial domination, feet joi, femdom pov

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20 minutes



Spy Story
Featuring Sinn Sage & Star Nine

Sinn Sage poses as a masseuse to work her way into the Ambassador's home. The target lies naked & vulnerable under Sinn's powerful hands. Sinn caresses her naked back, running her hands up to her shoulders before pinching her neck in just the right spot. The Ambassador is now completely helpless & Sinn makes a call, updating base on her progress before beginning to photograph the limp, naked, agent. It's a blackmail scheme, making a sex tape, something the Ambassador would never want released.

Sinn penetrates her target, her arms swing limply back & forth as Sinn films her. Regaining consciousness Star protests, but she'd unable to see a way out of Sinn's scheme. The Ambassador is compromised. Sinn presses Star's feet into her chest as she continues to fuck her. Finally, her mission complete, Sinn straddles Star's face and smothers her with her ass until her struggling stops.

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Includes limp fetish, sleep fetish, lesbian domination, strap-on, ass smother

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24 minutes



Mesmerizing Challenge
Featuring Star Nine

you can never resist a wager, or a chance to prove yourself. This is the perfect opportunity to prove you aren't addicted, that you have some tiny semblance of control over your own mind.

The challenge is simple - don't touch yourself. No stroking, no adjusting. It should be easy to keep your hands off yourself. Really how hard could it be? Especially with something so significant at stake. Of course any chance to truly prove yourself is going to come with consequences.

Send your custom video request to star at starbondmedia dot com

Includes mesmerize, pantyhose domination, financial domination, joi games, femdom pov

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28 minutes



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