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Stocking Sniffing Punishment
Featuring Star Nine

It was only a matter of time before you ended up in My office. All of those uncontrollable urges were bound to get you in trouble. What you may not have realized is that as a private institution, we are able to maintain the tradition of corporal punishment.

As I reach for the cane, I notice the look of revulsion cross your face as the scent from My stocking foot and dangling heel reaches your nostrils. Always looking for cues to select the correct punishment, I put the cane to the side for now, ordering you to stick your nose between My stocking sole and my dangling heel.

Breathe in deep. The air entering your nose should be audible. I guide you through inhaling every inch of My sweaty stocking feet. Between the toes, the sweaty spot along the wrinkle of My soles. I instruct you to run your nose along My heels while inhaling deeply.

As you breathe at My command, something strange begins to happen. At first the scent of My stocking feet is repulsive, gag inducing, but as our session ends, your perception of My scent has shifted, become addictive, arousing, something that will weigh on your mind as you walk the halls. A new addiction.

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Includes foot smelling, vintage stockings, foot slave training, foot domination, smell fetish

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12 minutes



Foot Stomping Sabotage
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane lines up behind Star in a long cattle call for a modeling gig. Ashley flexes her toes an exhales, she's not used to wearing high heels off set and her toes ache. Star looks down at Ashley's feet over her shoulder as Ashley flexes her sore feet.

Star smiles deviously, she has an idea to amuse herself in line and to take out the competition. Ashley is standing close behind her. Star lifts her foot and stomps down hard on Ashley's toe. She pretends it was an accident as Ashley squeals in pain. Ashley rubs her sore toes. A minute later, Star does it again. And again. Ashley's complaints get more and more heated, but Star just shrugs them off, rolls her eyes, and continues to stomp Ashley's foot.

Finally Ashley has had enough, her toes are swollen and she runs off to get some ice, leaving her high heel. Star grins and removes a vial of cum from her purse, emptying it into Ashley's shoe.

Ashley returns just in time for her name to be called. She puts her shoe on and runs into the casting, only to run off again humiliated when the casting director asks her to remove her shoe, exposing the wet cum on her pantyhose.

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Includes stomping, pantyhose, foot torture, foot domination, humiliation

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8 minutes



Nylon Denial
Featuring Star Nine

It's to be expected, this lack of control. This is what training is for. There are many ways to control a disobedient cock, and many more ways to control a disobedient mind. Edging is clearly not the same thing as not stroking at all. This was willful disobedience on your part, but you're new, so we'll start with a gentle reminder. A silky, smooth, barrier between your aching, dripping, cock and your disobedient hand. For this round of your training, you will pull my sexy worn pantyhose up over your legs, over your cock. Wear them 24/7 until they are fully shredded. A reminder that no touching is allowed unless I say so.

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Includes orgasm control, slave training, tease & denial, pantyhose domination, chastity

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11 minutes



Duct Tape & Pantyhose
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane is accosted in her home by a catsuit clad thief! She catches her getting ready for the day wearing nothing besides her black pantyhose. The thief searches through her drawers and finds a pile of worn pantyhose to tie her up with. She uses another pair of pantyhose to gag her and then wraps around her mouth with duct tape.

The thief searches her house and taunts her with the loot she finds. Unexpectedly, she comes across a suitcase full of cash. Score! She asks Ashley whether anyone important is going to miss the cash, teasing her about all the trouble she will be in.

Before she leaves, the thief adds to Ashley's bondage, putting her in a pantyhose hogtie & duct taping her feet together.

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Includes duct tape, pantyhose bondage, tape gagged, pantyhose domination, bondage

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15 minutes



Goodbye Letter
Featuring Star Nine

I know how deeply you've been missing Me since you lost everything. your business, your bank accounts, all that you had in life, reduced to a tiny apartment, no spare cash for any of life's pleasures.

I know that you won't be able to resist opening My letter. you've been desperate to hear from Me since I abandoned you, left you penniless.

I've just discovered that there is one last thing you have left to give. I checked on your insurance policy and it appears that I am still the beneficiary.

I can see the look of joy wash over your face when you check the mail. Of course, once you've eagerly ripped open the envelope, you won't be around long enough to read any of these words.

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Includes executrix, glove fetish, mask fetish, financial domination, extreme domination

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6 minutes



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