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Teasing Penelope
Featuring Penelope Reed & Star Nine

Penelope Reed waits frog tied on the bed. I crawl up behind her and stick my fingers in her mouth, spreading her cheeks & ordering her to suck. I squeeze her tits before removing my panties and shoving them in her mouth, sealing them in with duct tape. I push her down and tie her to bed. She wants me & I tease her, making her arch under my hands before finally sliding my fingers into her wet pussy. I crouch over her face, teasing her before removing the gag & making her lick. She's eager to please. I ride her face as she licks and sucks my clit. Once I'm satisfied I lean over her, squeezing her mouth & let her know that she has 24hrs to go.

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Includes lesbian domination, bondage, face sitting, pussy eating, finger fucking

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33 minutes



Featuring Star Nine

What do you have to hide? Once you let Me in it's not going to be very easy to get Me back out. There are all kinds of little scripts I can install - back doors, key logs. Of course I don't need any of those tricks, you make it so easy. you can't deny Me access, My feet own you. Look at that, all of your passwords are saved in your browser. Watch as I access your bank, your mortgage, your work email, your browsing history . . .

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Includes femdom pov, pantyhose domination, financial domination

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13 minutes



Wonder Woman Auction
Featuring Bella Rolland, Star Nine & Tim Woodman

Bella & Star lounge in each others arms. Bella stares at the clock, they're going to be late for their civilian cover. Star gets up to use the bathroom & Bella dresses in her disguise. She's just put her glasses on when the closet door quietly opens behind her. A henchman steps out and clamps his hand over her mouth. He's under contract to a slavery ring & has been watching the two girls.

He gets Star, too, when she returns, leaning over the bed teasing Bella for being so sleepy. He runs his hands over their bodies, lifting their skirts, examining the merchandise. Now he just has to keep them under control until the auction can begin. He carries them over his shoulder to the couch where he can keep an eye on them. He gropes & strips them, dragging them back to the couch whenever they sleepily try to get away.

The villain has left the room, Wonder Bella awakes and realizes that she needs to get her costume on. She's just finished adjusting her tiara when he returns. He doesn't show his surprise, but he knows that he's in for an even larger pay day. He's easily able to prevent Wonder Bella from using her powers. She's still susceptible to chloroform, superheroine or no.

Star awakes & sees Wonder Bella asleep in her costume. She follows suit. The villain approaches and she is also unable to remain conscious. Despite their best efforts he is able to knock them out over and over again keeping them under control until they can be sold.

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Includes superheroine, sleep fetish, limp fetish, lift & carry, groping

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71 minutes



Code Breaking Peril
Featuring Stella Liberty & Star Nine

Our nylon feet make you weak & force you to spill your secrets. Gagged with warm nylon, the pantyhose right off our legs are your undoing in more ways than one.

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Includes executrix, double domination, femdom pov, pantyhose domination

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15 minutes



MILF Makes You Gay For BBC
Featuring Star Nine

Mommy found your stash of BBC cuckold porn & calls you into the living room for a little chat. You fidget uncomfortably as she moves in and out of yoga poses talking about BBC and speculating as to whether you might be gay. Mommy's talk about the superiority of BBC makes your little white dicklet hard. She goes into how important it is to always make sure to please a woman as she slips her running shoe off and pushes her toes towards your mouth.

Flipping around she peels off her tight yoga pants and encourages you to stroke your tiny white dick as she talks about getting railed by BBC. You can't believe how into this you are & neither can she. Suddenly she backs away, worrying aloud that BBC has made you gay. She decides to turn you into a little cumlicker, training you to lap up the hot black cum from between her legs. She moans in pleasure as you eagerly eat up every imaginary drop. She cums as she yells for you to be gay for BBC.

As you continue to stroke, Mommy repeats "Cum for black cock" over and over in a mesmerizing voice. If you weren't gay for BBC at the start of this conversation, you will be by the end.

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Includes BBC, taboo, mesmerize, forced bi, cuckold

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19 minutes



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