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Lesbian Stalker
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Star has a super fan, a stalker. Ashley Lane has broken into her house (again) and Star has decided to punish her personally as calling the cops last time was obviously not enough of a deterrent. She has Ashley tied to a chair and is punishing her with nipple clamps, but to her disgust, Ashley is having the time of her life.

Star bends Ashley over the table and spanks her, but Ashley's moans are tinged with pleasure. She leaves the room to get something else to punish her with and Ashley escapes.

Now Ashley has her favorite bondage model tied up. She bends Star over the table just like she was and spanks her. Something catches her eye off camera and she places Star on the floor, securing her with duct tape.

Ashley walks back into the room wearing Star's strap on. She puts nipple clamps on Star's tits and tries to force her to suck. She finally gets Star to comply by saying that she'll let her go. Star reluctantly takes the black strap-on cock down her throat.

Ashley is distracted by a loud noise and Star yells for help, but instead of finding freedom Star ends up with her stalker tied up in her lap. She struggles to free herself as Ashley grinds with pleasure, reaching to kiss her idol through her gagged mouth.

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Includes lesbian domination, bondage, bdsm, nipple clamps, strap-on sucking

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18 minutes



Toilet Slavery Settlement
Featuring Star Nine

Your heart has been caught in your throat since you saw my email. You thought you were getting away with something, but I've been sitting on those photos for months. My little insurance policy.

You're begging for forgiveness like I care. It's so fucking boring. You're so fucking boring. Fucking your secretary. You've been boring me for way too long. I just needed to wait for you to fuck up enough to make a clean break. I couldn't have you suing ME for alimony.

Now you're going to lose everything, while I live my best life. You're going to lose this house, everything you've worked for. You're so desperate to keep it. Begging that you'd do anything. You've been boring me for so long. I suppose I might allow you to stay if you do more to amuse me.

From now on you're going to be my filthy little maid. On your knees, cleaning. Licking the tiles clean with your tongue. Cleaning the toilet bowl. Becoming my human toilet. The thought makes you hard. Is this some secret desire? Have you been aching to be a human toilet your whole life? I certainly hope not. Swallowing my shit is meant to be a humiliating act, not a source of sexual gratification.

I tease you in my panties, sticking my ass in your face as you kneel in anticipation. Once my shit has slid down your throat I'd better turn around to see a look of total humiliation on your shit stained face.

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Includes toilet slavery, toilet fetish, toilet humiliation, humiliation, femdom pov

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15 minutes



Firm Competition
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Chrissy Marie & Star Nine work for the same law firm. Star is up for a promotion & Chrissy has been tasked with reviewing the new contract with her. As Star sits on her sofa, Chrissy enacts a plan to snag the promotion for herself.

With Star's eyes focused on the contract, Chrissy soaks a rag with chloroform and clamps it down over Star's nose and mouth. Star struggles and eventually goes out. Chrissy unbutton's Star's blouse and positions one of her hands inside her white bra. She places a liquor bottle in her other hand and proceeds to take photos of her colleague's compromising position.

After knocking her out again to finish with her little photo project, Chrissy walks a woozy Star to a chair and sits her down, tying her wrists behind her back. Chrissy uses the chloroform to keep Star suggestible as she interrogates her, trying to uncover some useful dirt on her.

Unable to get much out of Star, Chrissy steps away to make a phone call. Star slowly wakes up and unties her hands. She finds Chrissy's chloroform bottle and soaks the rag before slumping back over in position. When Chrissy approaches, Star easily gets the upper hand, knocking her out. She finds the pictures on Chrissy's phone and decides to copy her strategy, taking photos of Chrissy unconscious in her bra for insurance.

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Includes sleepy fetish, limp fetish, bra fetish, interrogation, blackmail

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21 minutes



Masked Assassin
Featuring Star Nine

A masked assassin stalks her target.

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Includes executrix, glove fetish, mask fetish, femdom pov, catsuit

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2 minutes



Self Bondage Surprise
Featuring Star Nine

Star is waiting for her girlfriend to come home & decides to get things started early by tying herself up. She gags herself with a cleave gag and ties her ankles and wrists. Star struggles sensually on the bed, but then her phone rings. Her girlfriend won't be home until much later. Star is disappointed, and then fearful as she hears an intruder entering her home!

The intruder is amused to find her already tied up. He adds more rope, covers her cleave gag with duct tape & handcuffs her wrists! Star struggles desperately to get out. By the time her girlfriend gets home, she's no longer in the mood to play, begging to be let out through her layered gag.

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Includes struggling, self bondage, gag talk, hand cuffs, tape gagged

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11 minutes



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