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SPH Task 3
Featuring Star Nine

Today's task is a photo essay on comparison. Use your tiny little dicklet to amuse Me by following My step-by-step instructions. Having a small penis just makes you one step closer to being a sissy slut, so once your little photo project is completed you'll be servicing those larger objects ;) What project would be complete without critique? you have permission to send me pictures of your small penis in it's creative state, so long as you've paid the price of admission.

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Includes sph, small penis humiliation, sissy traning, slave tasks, verbal humiliation, femdom pov, humiliation

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5 minutes



Catwoman & The Priceless Statue
Featuring Star Nine

Catwoman burglarizes a home, after a valuable statue. It doesn't look like much, but it is ancient and priceless, and like all priceless things, Catwoman must possess it.

The home is easy to enter, Catwoman is amused by the lack of security. She quickly finds the statue but as she picks it up a cloud of noxious gas emits from the base of the statue making her wobbly on her feet. She releases the statue, but as the cloud dissipates her eyes roll back and she tumbles to the floor.

Catwoman awakes tied tightly in a chair. Ropes loop around her breasts, her knees, her calves. A ball gag forces her red lips to part and a vibrator is tied tightly into position. The vibrator turns on as Catwoman struggles to free herself. She moans as the vibrator moves against her, distracting her from her struggles. Catwoman cums in bondage before finally freeing herself, amused at her predicament. Eyeing the statue in distrust, Catwoman elects to bring the vibrator back to her lair instead.

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Includes super villain, sleepy fetish, forced orgasms, bondage, struggling, escaping

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16 minutes



Card Destruction
Featuring Star Nine

Star is on the phone pacing, unaware that she is trampling all over your pokemon cards. She stamps her foot at something the caller has said and feels something under her high heel. Experimentally she grinds her heel on the floor. Her phone call ends and she looks down at the cards on the ground, perplexed as to how they got there. Star picks up the cards and rifles through them. They mean nothing to her. She removes her heels and shoves some of the cards in between the soles and her feet. With the cards her shoes she resumes trampling on the rest of them, stomping and grinding her high heels trying to tear them apart. The cards are resilient so she takes to puncturing them with her high heels, trying to stack them on like a pin cushion. Others she rips to pieces and spits on until all of the cards are destroyed.

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Includes foot domination, object crush, femdom pov, trampling, high heels

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17 minutes



Babysitter Trouble
Featuring Alison Rey & Star Nine

Star's new babysitting gig quickly gets out of hand. First of all, her new client is an adult baby, but if that isn't bad enough, Alison is insistent that she doesn't want to be judged & that her babysitter must also wear diapers! Star is resistant, but Alison reminds her of how much she is being paid and soon Star is on the changinf table getting a pink diaper. Alison says it's time for her feeding, but Star reaches for her clothes. Alison quickly grabs them and throws them in the trash. Star threatens a spanking, but Alison quickly pulls her over her knee and gives her some hard smacks. Star thinks that she's getting things under control as Alison calmly sucks at her nipple. Star notices that Alison has wet her diaper and Alison quickly slips into baby mode, freaking out and demanding a change. Star gets her to the changing table, but once she's removed the wet diaper Alison demands that she eat her out! Obviously the baby sitter is in over her head. She eats Alison's pussy as Alison contentedly sucks her thumb. After Alison cums Star asks to use the bathroom but Alison insists that she go in her diaper. Now it's time for Star's changing & orgasm. She thinks Alison will just lick her pussy and is shocked when she gets out a big strap-on cock. Freshly fucked, the babysitter finds herself on her knees sucking her client's cock.

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Includes abdl, diaper fetish, otk spanking, strap-on, pussy eating, lesbian domination

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20 minutes



Poison Pantyhose
Featuring Star Nine

You've been eyeing me all night, feasting on my long nylon legs. Of course I came home with you, how could this possibly have gone any other way? I sit across from you in the living room. Tell me what you want, what you've been fantasizing about. I delicately slip one heel off and invite you to come remove the other. You feast on my silky pantyhose feet, my perfect shining legs. You work your way up and I invite you to lick my center, the gusset over my smooth wet pussy. My flavors mix with nylon in your mouth. You're eager to please & so of course you take my worn nylons in your mouth as you slide into me. You've never felt this way before, such an intense cocktail of chemical reactions. My pheromones, your hormones, the oxytocin from mind blowing sex, and a little something special that I've added to the mix.

Send your custom video request to star at starbondmedia dot com

Includes executrix, pantyhose domination, femdom pov, virtual sex

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18 minutes



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