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Catwoman's Patsy
Featuring Star Nine

Catwoman taunts you in her sheer catsuit & menaces you with her whip. Your prestigious career as manager of Gotham's largest bank flashes before your eyes as she turns you into her patsy. Catwoman forces a large black ball gag into your mouth before tossing you a skein of rope and ordering you to tie yourself up. She craccks her whip and makes you struggle in the ropes, proving that they are tight enough. Finally she clamps a pair of handcuffs tightly around your left wrist. You secure your hands behind your back for her as she details her evil plans. You've resigned yourself to the humiliation of being her fall guy, but suddenly she pulls one more thing our of her black bag & you realize your fate is going to be much worse.

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Includes super villain, executrix, superheroine, self bondage pov

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12 minutes



Seduction in the Ring
Featuring Luna Lain & Star Nine

Luna Lain has mistaken my interests in her for flirtations with her boyfriend & now she wants to work it out on the mat. I don't mind letting her pin me, redheads are cute when they're mad. I slowly seduce her in the ring, stripping her down to her g-string as we bend, stretch, twist and squeeze each other's bodies.

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Includes female wrestling, wrestling, fantasy wrestling, female fighting, scissorhold

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10 minutes



Shoe Store
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Star goes shopping at a high end shoe store. The assistant, Candle Boxxx, thoroughly measures Star's feet for length, width & arches. She slowly slips the selected heels on and off Star's rht stocking feet, then measures Star's foot length again to confirm which foot is slightly longer.

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Includes rht stockings, high heels, foot measuring, foot fetish, vintage stockings

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17 minutes



Ashley's Execution
Featuring Ashley Lane

Ashley Lane pleads for her life, claiming her innocence, but it's too late. The time for appeals has passed & her execution begins. Gas slowly seeps into the chamber as she desperately holds her breath. Eventually she is forced to gasp. The poison fills her lungs as she begins to convulse. Eventually she begins to foam at the mouth. Her long hair whipping back and forth into the mess. Her convulsions slow as she expires.

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Includes death fetish, wet & messy, damsel in distress, limp fetish, struggling

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11 minutes



Happy Neurotransmitters
Featuring Candle Boxxx

Leggy therapist Candle Boxxx exploits your fetish, teasing you with her long nylon legs, silky arches & high heels. Her legs crossing & uncrossing are a strong trigger for you and your session grows more and more costly as she snaps her fingers demanding tribute from you. You're putty under her nylon soles, unable to resist her demands.

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Includes pantyhose domination, financial domination, office domination, foot domination

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10 minutes



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