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Orgasm Predicament
Featuring Ashley Lane, Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Ashley Lane & Chrissy Marie are tied up in an orgasm inducing predicament. Ashley Lane is seated on the sybian with her legs in a tight frog-tie preventing her from standing. Her arms are pulled up behind her with a rope attaching up over a beam and back down to Chrissy's tight knotted crotch rope.

Chrissy Marie is pulled up on her tip-toes. her elbows tied up to the ceiling & her crotch rope attached to Ashley's arms. Underneath her crotch rope she has a vibrating egg inserted into her pussy & the hitachi is tied up against her clit. The hitatchi is set to a 30 second cycle. Chrissy's crotch rope gets progressively tighter & half way through the hitatchi is left on high.

Ashley & Chrissy endure their predicament as Star floats between them, squeezing their tits, pulling on the crotch rope, pressing the vibrators in harder. 45 minutes of this treatment leaves them drooling moaning messes.

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Includes lesbian domination, forced orgasms, bondage,gagged women, predicament bondage, sybian

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50 minutes



Hit Woman Show
Featuring Star Nine

Look at you, all tied up and helpless. you thought you were going to be seeing a dominatrix tonight, didn't you? you expected to be teased, tormented, maybe experience a little pain, but get off in the end? How cute. I'll let you in on a little secret, since I know you won't have the opportunity to tell anyone. I'm not a dominatrix, I'm a hitwoman, and you're my next victim. I'm afraid you won't be getting off tonight, or ever again, but I assure you that later, once My work is finished, I'll be getting off multiple times. Oh you like the thought of that don't you? I see you're nice and hard. Good, I find that a hard cock makes a victim more compliant. If you're a good boy I'll give you a little preview of what you'll be missing before we get started. Of course if you struggle or resist things will be very unpleasant for you.

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Includes executrix, vintage stockings, femdom pov, extreme domination

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12 minutes



In The Lair of Luthor
Featuring Alison Rey & Star Nine

Alison Luther has escaped from prison and hatched a plot to get her revenge on Supergirl. She makes sure that Supergirl can hear her bragging about planting bombs all over the city, knowing that will draw her to her lair for a confrontation.

Sure enough, Supergirl marches into Luthor Manor and lifts Alison up by her collar, demanding the codes to the bombs. Alison points at a lead box and tells Supergirl that everything she deserves is inside. Supergirl tries to penetrate the box with her super vision & rolls her eyes before dropping Alison and opening the box. Her mouth drops in confusion. The box contains nothing but a crystal on a chain.

Feeling strangely weak, Supergirl backs away from the box. Alison lifts the kryptonite up on it's chain and dangles it in front of Supergirl's face as she backs her up into the wall. She places the chain around Supergirl's neck. Confused & weakened, Supergirl drops to her knees. She tries to crawl away but Alison kicks her over and pins her down, first kissing the weakened heroine & then demanding that she suck each of her ten toes. One for each year in prison.

Supergirl obediently worship's Alison's feet, moaning that the combination of feet & kryptonite is making her even weaker.

Alison laughs and asks Supergirl whether there are any deep dark secrets she would like to confess now that she has tasted defeat. If Supergirl divulges her secrets, Alison will remove the kryptonite. Supergirl confesses that if a villainess worships her feet the evil doer will steal her super powers. Alison giggles and says now she will be the superior woman! She removes Supergirl’s boots slowly as Supergirl protests and begs but is too weak to stop Alison from draining her of her powers.

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Includes superheroine, foot worship, lesbian domination, foot fetish

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25 minutes



Bound Handjob Predicament
Featuring Star Nine & Codey Steele

Naked and afraid? Tied to a post and stripped of his clothing, Codey Steele oscillates between pleasure and terror as he is tormented by his beautiful captor. Star needs his password to access some sensitive documents. She teases his cock, running her hands over it and arching her ass back against it before settling in with a firm grip. Codey moans, his resistance weakening as he gives into pleasure. With her hand wrapped around his hard cock, Star lets him in on exactly how perilous his position is, on what will happen to him if he cums.

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Includes female domination, cfnm, handjobs, bondage male, edging, tease & denial

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12 minutes



Dream Tentacle
Featuring Chrissy Marie

Chrissy Marie's bed is invaded by a massive, perverted, tentacle. It slithers over her bare skin and wraps around her neck frightening her awake. Chrissy's terror soon turns to arousal as she strokes the tentacles strong suction cups, enjoying the sensation of it squeezing her body and creeping over her tits and ass. Chrissy moans in pleasure as she writhes with the tentacle wrapped around her.

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Includes aliens & monsters, damsel in distress, peril, groping, struggling, orgasms

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