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Catwoman's Mocking Bird
Featuring Star Nine

The problem with sidekicks is that they're always getting into trouble trying to prove themselves. Take Robin for instance, he's managed to get himself all tangled up in Catwoman's bat trap. He looks like he'd make a tasty treat, all plucked and dipped in hot oil, but he'll make even better bait. Catwoman cuts him down, seduces him, and turns him into her little mockingbird.

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Includes superheroine, super villain, mesmerize, femdom pov, female domination

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19 minutes



Don't Fuck With Crazy
Featuring Star Nine

You should have known better than to fuck with crazy. You know I'm a monster in bed, but that's nothing compared to the kind of monster I am when I catch you cheating. I catch you sneaking into the house through the kitchen and I quickly have you pinned to the floor. Aroused by your suffering, I strip out of my bra & panties, but don't get it twisted. You're never getting this bomb pussy again. I just can't have your very last orgasm ever be with someone else. I pull out your hard cock and slide you into a diaper to give you a spitty handjob before finishing you off completely.

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Includes executrix, extreme domination, femdom pov, pov handjob,

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13 minutes



Submit Completely
Featuring Codey Steele & Star Nine

You've confessed your hot wife fantasies & I am so in. There's someone at work that I actually had a thing with before we met that I've been aching to rekindle. I tell you this as I get dressed in noticeably sexier clothes than usual, detailing my plan to ask him on a date.

I sit on Codey's desk, flirting with him as I explain the situation. His hand drifts to my shiny nylon legs. I know what he likes. We arrange our date and I ask him what I should wear . . .

I stand in front of you by the mirror adjusting my tight sexy little red dress. Imagine my lips all over him, once I taste him again there will be no going back.

Codey presses me up against the wall, lifting my sexy nylon leg around his waist as we kiss deeply. I can't resist his spell.

There's an office costume party, I'm dressing up as a sexy flapper. I show off my costume as I tell you all about fucking Codey. I can't wait for more.

On the dance floor his hands are all over me as I blow him kisses. We grind to the music, my tight ass pressing back against his hard cock.

Dressing up in white lingerie, ready to give myself to him entirely and for you to watch. You sit in the corner, I sit in his lap. Nothing separates us but the thin fabric of our underwear as we make out right in front of you, blowing the occasional kiss. It's time for you to relax, give in & submit completely.

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Includes hot wife, cuckold, kissing, stockings, costumes

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25 minutes



you Woke Up Like This
Featuring Star Nine

What a dream, your body transformed into that of a Goddess. your legs long and shimmering in shiny pantyhose, your small curves gently hugged in white lingerie. But was it a dream? you gently open your eyes and it's still going. If this is a dream it's certainly a lucid one. Running your hands over your toned smooth legs, you can feel the silky nylon. your beautiful Goddess body flexes and moves at your command. Instead of a cock you have a tight smooth pussy peaking out around the gusset of the pantyhose, so much more sensitive than your normal hairy cock. What is this bliss? Do you have the courage to get up and go to work in this body, to be this beautiful and sensitive forever? Or do you just roll over and go back to sleep, breaking the spell?

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Includes gender transformation, goddess pov, pantyhose, goddess worship

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13 minutes



Latex Slave Slideshow
Featuring Ashley Lane

This is a photo slide show! Watch slave girl Ashley Lane tied up and tape gagged in latex gloves and thigh highs.

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Includes latex, photo set, tape gag, submissive sluts, bondage, gloves, stockings

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5 minutes



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