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Nylon Mask Gag Talk
Featuring Star Nine

I'm teasing you quite effectively with my flexing and arching nylon soles - sheer nude pantyhose, your favorite. After awhile I stuff a white rag in my mouth & pull a sheer nylon stocking mask over my head. I caress my shiny silky nylon covered face before wrapping electrical tape over my mouth. You can't quite make out what I'm saying as I talk through the stuffed, tight gag. After awhile I wrap a layer of white micro-foam over the electrical tape & continue to tease you with my wiggling toes & gag talk.

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Includes gag talk, foot fetish, tape gag, nylon mask

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17 minutes



Catwoman Affirmations
Featuring Star Nine

Are you ready to feel that sense of purpose flooding your brain like liquid gold? W/we're going to do a little bit of training today. Don't worry all you have to do is gaze at My dangling gold necklace. So easy to follow with your eyes like a little kitten. Now repeat after Me - a series of affirmations to remind you of your place and divine purpose in serving Me.

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Includes super villain, financial domination, slave training, mesmerize

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10 minutes



Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Chrissy answers the door and is met with a cloth to the face. The man pushes his way in and she stumbles back to the floor as the chloroform fumes flood her senses. He makes a call before throwing her limp body over his shoulder and carrying her away.

Chrissy is brought to a room where Star is waiting, she admires Chrissy and pulls her up by the hair for a kiss. She pays the man and orders him to leave. Happy to have caught her post-workout, Star lifts Chrissy's sports bra & plays with her ample tits. She pulls Chrissy back into her arms and leans around to lick her nipples.

Star reaches for a bottle of sublingual sleep aid and gently opens Chrissy's mouth to dose her. She gets to work stripping, gagging & tying Chrissy spead-eagle on the bed before removing her own clothing. She glides her body over Chrissy's & slowly makes her way down for a taste.

Chrissy moans and cums in her sleep as Star licks and fingers her. Star gets out the hitatchi and pulls another orgasm from Chrissy's sleepy body before leaving the room.

The man comes back, wanting some Chrissy for himself. He hides and knocks out Star before untying Chrissy & throwing her back over this shoulder.

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Includes lesbian domination, sleep fetish, limp fetish, lift & carry

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27 minutes



Video Conference Tease
Featuring Star Nine

Left alone on a video conference call, you can't resist my seduction. Your crush is revealed, why don't we go ahead and make some incriminating evidence?

There are three things that amuse me - ordering you around making you hurt yourself, ordering you around making you humiliate yourself, ordering you around making you send me money.

I prop my legs up on the desk and demand that you send me a pic. Displeased with your first choice of subject matter I instruct you to amuse me with your office stapler. Soon you're texting me increasingly incriminating photos as I slowly unbutton my shirt showing off my expensive lingerie.

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Includes femdom pov, financial domination, pantyhose domination, office domination

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18 minutes



The Cruel Escort
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

On a trip out of town, Ashley Lane gathers her courage and calls an escort service for the first time. She's not sure what she's expecting, but the girl who arrives is very severe, dressed all in leather, and immediately takes control of the situation, groping Ashley & pulling up her schoolgirl skirt to spank her.

Ashley tries to tell her that this isn't what she had in mind, but the cruel escort won't listen. She warns Ashley that if she doesn't submit she will dominate and break her. She orders Ashley to her knees, then forces her there with a series of punches.

Ashley is stunned as the escort begins to strip her semi-conscious body.

Ashley comes to wearing nothing but a pair of pink pantyhose. The escort demands that she get on all fours & proceeds to sit on her, spanking her ass & calling her a pony. Ashley struggles to obey, circling the room with the escort on her back until she collapses.

Once she's collapsed, the escort threatens her with a whip, ordering her through a series of humiliating poses & ordering her to worship her boots before crouching behind her and choking her out. She plays with her clients' limp body, comparing the size of her hands and biceps. The weak girl couldn't possibly defend herself. Ashley comes to one final time & the escort puts her right back out in a sleeper hold before robbing her of her money.

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Includes lesbian domination, limp fetish, pony play, size comparison

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22 minutes



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