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Mesmerized in Velvet
Featuring Star Nine

You've been having trouble sleeping again, haven't you? Unable to get to that restful place. Going about your day in a state of amnesia, uncertain how you've gotten from one place to another. One moment you're at the office, the next you're outside. I have some techniques that can help with that, help you reach that restful place, free from worry, from responsibility.

Sitting before you in my evening gown, fur, jewels, gloves, heels, I talk you through a meditative, hypnotic stroking session. Bringing you deeper and deeper into a hypnotic state. As you stroke, I instill various triggers, attachments, fetishes for fur, gloves, heels - only as they relate to me. My gloves, My fur, My heels. Calming and maternal, by the time you cum I've regressed you - back to an earlier state. A little boy crawling at my feet and finally you SLEEP.

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Includes: age regression, mesmerize

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17 minutes



Chrissy Spanked by Mommy
Featuring Star Nine & Chrissy Marie

Home from school, Chrissy Marie just wants to borrow the family car. Tired of listening to her grown up daughter whine when she doesn't get her way, Star pulls Chrissy over her knee for a good old fashioned spanking. Chrissy kicks and whines, humiliated as her mom pulls down first her shorts & then her panties, spanking her until her ass glows red.

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Includes spanking

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10 minutes



Permanent Addiction
Featuring Star Nine

My poor little sissy, always on your knees. What's wrong? Another week in chastity, eager to stroke and sniff for your Goddess? Oh put that silly bottle away, we both know those poppers won't make you fall any deeper under My spell. You don't need them anymore. I'm your drug now. You're addiction is permanent. Sniff my high heels, edge and drip and sniff. Admit your addiction, beg to sniff my nylon soles. Beg, sniff, stroke, stop. Beg, sniff, stroke, stop. Beg, sniff, stroke, edge.

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Includes sissy sluts, pantyhose domination, orgasm control

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19 minutes



Nylon Worship with Stella
Featuring Stella Liberty & Star Nine

Kneel and drool as Stella Liberty and I passionately soak each other's nylon soles.

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Includes foot worship, foot slave training, pantyhose domination

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11 minutes



Alyssa & Star Forced to Watch
Featuring Alyssa Reece & Star Nine

Alyssa wakes up and glances at the stranger next to her. She doesn't recognize the woman, but they are tied together, attached at the thigh, their legs spread wide. The bound secretaries try to piece together what happened to them. As they compare notes, a monitor of screen begins to play a video. The women watch the scene unfold in front of them as they struggle against the ropes. The video gets louder and the women are startled as vibrators tucked in their pantyhose turn on! The scene repeats itself growing louder as the women moan and struggle. The vibrations increase along with the program's volume & the women eventually cum, their heels flying off as they contract in orgasm.

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Includes forced orgasms, damsels in distress

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12 minutes



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