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Tentacle Dreams
Featuring Ashley Lane

Ashley Lane is awakened from her slumber as a huge, slimy, muscular tentacle creeps in under her pillow. The monstrous tentacle wraps around her. She struggles at first, but something about the way the tentacle squeezes and gropes her body excites her. She writhes on the bed with the tentacle, moaning in pleasure as it ravishes her.

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Includes aliens & monsters, damsel in distress, peril, groping, struggling, orgasms

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11 minutes



Catwoman's Whip & Boots
Featuring Star Nine

You think you've stumbled into the bust of a lifetime, you've caught Catwoman red-handed with her paws in the loot. Silly piggy, your little metal toys are no match for Catwoman's quick whip. With one crack of her whip your pistol goes flying across the floor. You'll never get close enough to her to put those pathetic nickel bracelets on her wrists. Catwoman humiliates you cracking her whip and lashing your right in the cock before knocking you to your knees, a better angle to worship her boots from. You obediently lick every inch of her stiletto booties clean before she cruelly blinds you with her whip, taunting you with a nursery rhyme about blind little pigs as she makes her escape.

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Includes super villain, boot worship, femdom pov, foot domination, whipping, humiliation

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11 minutes



Nose Clip Revenge
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Chrissy Marie gets her revenge on Star. She handcuffs Star's ankles and wrists together in bed, letting Star think that they're getting ready for a sexy bondage game. She puts earplugs in Star's ears and blindfolds her, taping her mouth shut. Chrissy pinches her own nose shut before surprising Star with a swimmer's nose clip. Now Star knows what Chrissy is up to, this is no sexy game, this is Chrissy's nose clip revenge! With Star's airways completely plugged Chrissy sets a stop-watch to see how much Star can take. She eases Star up to 30 seconds then gives her a tiny sip of air lifting the nose clip off her nostrils only to seal them right back up over and over again.

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Includes nose pinching, tape gag, lesbian domination, struggling, handcuffs

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13 minutes



Slave Training 1: Edge & Deny
Featuring Star Nine

Welcome to week one of your virtual slave training, you've been aching to serve Me, curious about chastity, what it's like to be one of My slaves.

you crave connection, a sense of belonging that is only found through service.

Locking up your cock can be quite entertaining, but I'm more interested in reprogramming your mind.

For this first week, you will edge and deny.

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Includes edging, orgasm denial, femdom pov, slave training, pantyhose domination, goddess worship, chastity

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19 minutes



Batman Begs 2
Featuring Codey Steele & Star Nine

Catwoman continues her relentless teasing of the Bat. He breaks easily now, but of course so do you. He arches and moans desperate for her warm mouth as she licks the air so close to his hard, exposed, cock. Millimeters away, sometimes just barely touching. Her spit drips down making contact as he arches in his chains. He begs for it, and so would you. This tease is not just for the Bat but for the viewer as well, because you would break just as easily. Of course you would. Catwoman's long hair covers her face as she moves her head up and down imitating the sounds of a throat constricting around a cock, teasing you relentlessly. Batman's moans get more pointed and she abruptly stops, he'll only cum when she fucking says so.

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Includes tease & denial, super villain, superheroine, female domination, bondage male

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10 minutes



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