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Sensory Deprivation Experiment
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Chrissy Marie is restrained & blindfolded. I cover her ears with noise canceling headphones & select a dramatic audio tract. As the sound begins to play I begin to grope her, my actions matching the soundtrack that only she can hear. I unbutton her shirt & paw at her breasts, remove her heels & worship her nylon feet. As the volume builds I pull out a vibrator & press it between her spread legs forcing her to cum.

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Includes blindfolds, forced orgasms, bondage, lesbian domination, pantyhose

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11 minutes



Mind Fuck
Featuring Star Nine

Edge & deny for Me in this erotic guided meditation with ASMR & tantra elements. Feel the sensation traveling up your spine and through your body with each subsequent denial & explode out the top of your skill with final release.

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Includes orgasm control, edging, asmr, mesmerize

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23 minutes



Sleepy Agent's Belly Button
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Special Agent Chrissy Marie delivers the files I had commissioned. She asks me for a glass of water and lies down to take a nap while I look over the files. She falls into a deep sleep. Feeling oddly aroused, I begin to finger my belly button, stealing glances across the room.

Finally I get up and examine the sleeping agent. I lift her arm & drop it, no response. I stick my tongue in her mouth and she continues to sleep. I unzip her jacket exposing her sexy belly button. I enjoy her limp body, licking and fingering her sexy navel, gliding my belly against hers, plunging my tongue in her mouth and even fingering my own belly button with her limp fingers.

This is a sleepy version of a naughtier movie (Belly Button Of The Deceased)

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Includes belly button fetish, limp fetish, sleep fetish, lesbian domination

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18 minutes



Cum Cube 2
Featuring Star Nine

Remove that ball gag & massage your jaw because you're going to be doing a lot of sucking today. A lot of sucking and a lot of swallowing, doesn't that sound delicious? you're going to prove that you know how to use your little sissy whore mouth - you'd better have something very special in your freezer. you're going to pop that cold creamy treat in your little sissy whore mouth & suck until all that cum dissolves in your mouth.

you might think that being a good little whore will earn you an orgasm, but everyone knows that little sissy sluts don't need to cum just because they've been used. you're going to sniff and drip at My feet, all locked up in your cage for another week with your sissy hole plugged up like a good little slut.

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Includes sissy training, cei, chastity, cbt, mind fuck, pantyhose domination

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18 minutes



Bondage Robbery
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Star Nine arrives home early, surprising cat burglar Chrissy Marie.

Quick on her feet, Chrissy creeps up behind Star and chloroforms her. She ties her up and stuffs her mouth with nylon, tying a stocking around her head to keep her quiet while she finishes robbing the house.

Star struggles against the tight ropes & eventually frees herself. Terrified of the intruder, she quickly digs through her bag and finds the chloroform. She hides behind the bedroom door & waits. She manages to surprise Chrissy & ties up the knocked out burglar in the same ropes she just escaped from.

Suspicious of what Chrissy may have been looking for, Star checks around the house before calling the cops. On the phone reporting the break in, Star checks on the thief only to discover that she has wiggled her way out of the ropes as well.

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Includes bondage, rope bondage, sleep fetish, gagged women, limp fetish

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31 minutes



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