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Deadly Love Addiction
Featuring Star Nine

You're hooked. A hopeless addict, I'm more dangerous than any opiate. Your dopamine is so lit up, it's like an overdose. Everything you are goes to chasing that feeling - the way I light up your mind with that rush of joy. Your pulse slows as you gaze at my perfection. Your heartbeat drops dangerously low, insufficient blood flow to the brain. Your addiction makes you so weak minded. Confused. Gasping for air.

Is there a medical antidote for overdose when it's all in your head?

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Includes mind fuck, executrix, pantyhose domination, goddess worship

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11 minutes



Wannabe Vamp
Featuring Star Nine, Nyssa Nevers & Miss Quin

Quin has been following Nyssa & Star around all weekend. She just knows that they're real vampires and desperately wants to be turned!

Nyssa is grumpy when she finds Star toying with her in their room, but Star has no intention of actually TURNING her. The two vampires lay out the hopeful little goth girl right on the dining table for an erotic feast which leaves her completely drained.

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Includes vampire, lesbian domination, pussy eating, mesmerize, magic control

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11 minutes



Hypnotherapy Lezdom
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Dixie Comet's therapist has referred her to me for help treating her sex addiction. Traditional treatments haven't worked & I'm renowned for my successes treating difficult patients with clinical hypnotherapy.

I ask Dixie to explain her situation. She describes her overwhelming urge, no - need, to get fucked & have every cock she comes across in her mouth.

I induce her & amuse myself by having her service my foot like a cock. Impressed by her mouth I check her chart to make sure she's clean before strapping on my cock. As I fuck her, I imprint her, transfer her desire from dirty fleshy cock to clean silicone. Now instead of avoiding male coworkers, she'll only need to avoid walking past sex shops.

When I bring her fully out, she feels . . . satiated & wants to schedule another appointment

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Includes lesbian domination, woman following orders

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26 minutes



Underwater Lap Dance Seduction
Featuring Jay Taylor & Star Nine

Playful Jay surprises her older sister, Star with a fun underwater sex game.

Returning home from work, Star finds her favorite lounge chair missing with a folded up note in it's place.

"If you're looking for the chair, I'll give a clue. It's almost as wet as I am. Find it, and get a prize. Jay P.S. You'll need the proper attire for this party."

Star peers down into the pool to discover Jay lounging underwater on her chair! Smiling & shaking her head, she walks over to the pool steps where Jay has left a package - bikini, weight belt, goggles - everything necessary for an underwater adventure.

Star suits up & joins her sister in the pool. They make-out for a bit before Jay pushes Star down onto the chair for a hands-off lap dance tease. Reprimanding Star whenever she tries to touch herself, Jay has her squirming in anticipation by the time both sisters are naked. Then it's no holds barred as the girls get into a full on underwater orgasm competition, licking and fingering each other to one submerged orgasm after another.

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Includes underwater fetish, lesbian, taboo, wet-look, girl/girl

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26 minutes



Foot Humiliation
Featuring Star Nine

Such a little foot boy loser. You can only sit and watch with your hard foot loving cock as I humiliate you. Your eyes are glued to my elegant, dangling, heels as they dip from my soft nylon toes. You salivate, begging to be allowed to worship my leather heels. I remove them and torment you, licking the expensive Italian leather, getting my heels all spitty and then sucking the very heels that you ache to have shoved down your throat.

You're in agony, jealous and aroused. I move on to my delicious pantyhose toes, sucking each one through the nylon before carefully cutting holes for my cherry colored toes to peep through. I suck my sexy toes, explaining how I'd never let your filthy foot boy mouth anywhere near them. I stroke the heels of my stiletto pumps with my soft wet soles, an impression of the nylon foot job you will never get. Removing my sexy black pantyhose, I put on a pair of sexy sandals and spit all over my toes. I wiggle my glistening phallanges , taunting you further while dangling my sexy sandals. Finally I pull my worn nylons over my head, cutting a hole for my mouth & sucking my sexy toes through the nylon mask. You're completely broken and humiliated, gazing at what you can never have.

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Includes foot fetish, foot humiliation, foot domination, pantyhose domination, toe sucking

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